Exploring Phylogenetic Relationships between Hundreds of Plant Fatty Acids Synthesized by Thousands of Plants. more details ...
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Qiuxin Zhao; Shuzhen Li; Xia Chen; Xuan He; Xianbin Xu 1988 黑龙江省大豆品种脂肪酸组成的研究(GC) . Study on the component of fatty acid Soybean cultivars in Heilongjiang Province Soybean Science 7(4) 327-332 NWSUAF316 0
Minquan Huang; Yingjing Lu 1999 龙船花种子发育和成熟过程中脂肪酸组成的变化_黄民权 . The variation of Fatty Acid Composition in Ixora chinensis seed at various stages of Development and Maturation ACTA BOTANICA YUNNANICA 21(2) 249-252 10.3969/j.issn.2095-0845.1999.02.019 NWSUAF441 45
Referenz: 1957 1-763 PFA:12384 33