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Definition of Delta shorthand nomenclature

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 The Systematic names provided on the main fatty page are based on the system used at Chemical Abstracts Service.  In most cases a IUPAC systematic name can also be found on the pages for individual fatty acids.

 To select a list of hydroxy fatty acids search with term 'hydroxy'.  To select a list of cyclo fatty acids search with term 'cyc'.  Other general terms are:  epoxy, yne, octadece, C24, etc. 

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Information on literature at SOFA did not include titles, abstracts, etc.  To gather this information a number of databases were searched, beginning with WOS (Web of Science). Whenever possible we attempted to find a DOI because in most cases the DOI provides a link to the full text of the publication.  The DOI is presented in a separate column and is a hyperlink.  The other identifiers are entered in the column "UID".

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Unpublished datasets, if available from SOFA, includes the date and initials of individual. E.g. AK = Kurt Aitzetmueller





Definition of “Δ-Notations” from: Aitzetmüller, K., Matthäus, B. and Friedrich, H. (2003) Eur. J. Lipid Sci. Technol. 105: 92

Definition of “ Δ -Notations”


Each fatty acid (and each fatty acid partial structure) is represented by a computer-readable string of characters. – Examples:


Numbers before and after a “:” (e.g., 18:2) = basic fatty acid structure, in number of carbon atoms : number of multiple (double or triple) bonds present. (Important, please note: the two multiple bonds here can be either double or triple bonds!)


Numbers before a “:”: Length of the carbon chain (number of carbon atoms in the molecule).


Number immediately following the “:” : Number of multiple bonds in the molecule.

c (cis), t (trans), a (acetylene) = type of double or triple bond.

Δ   = indicates the position of the C-C multiple bond (double or triple bond).


Numbers after a  Δ : Position of the double or triple bond along the carbon chain, counting the COOH-group as carbon no. 1.


cy” following “:1” or “:2”: Indicates presence of a cyclopentene ring, formed by the last five carbon atoms, and with the double bond in position 2’ of the cyclopentane ring. (Note: In 18:1cy, the linear portion of the carbon chain is saturated!)


-O- before the carbon chainlength numbers: This designates an epoxy group.


-OH- before the carbon chainlength numbers: This designates a hydroxy group.


-O= before the carbon chainlength numbers: This designates a keto group.


-cpe- before the carbon chainlength numbers: This designates a cyclopropene ring. (Note: The carbon numbers are increased by 1; i.e., sterculic acid is



-cpa- before the carbon chainlength numbers: This designates a cyclopropane ring. Other rules as above under -cpe-.


Examples for “ Δ -Notations” of fatty acids, linked with their trivial names:

Linoleic acid

Vernolic acid

Agonandric acid

Stearidonic acid





18:2 Δ 9c,12c

12,13-O-18:1 Δ9c

8-OH-18:2 Δ9a,11t

18:4 Δ6c,9c,12c,15c

2-Hydroxysterculic acid

Phlomic acid

Manoaic acid





20:2 Δ 7,8allene

16:2cy Δ 6c