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Abstract The volatile oil and fatty acid from the seed of Abelmoschus esculentus L.(okra seed) were extracted by the method of steam distillation and solvent extraction,and determined by GC-MS.11 compounds were identified from the volatile oil extracts of okra seed,among which decane had the highest content(21.180%),and 13 compounds were identified from the extracts of the fatty acids,among which linoleic acid had the highest content(40.225%).Further research on the utilization of main constituents from volatile oil and fatty acid of okra seed was recommended.

Authors: Jian Li; Wen Wang; Xiaohong Sun

Journal: Hubei Agricultural Sciences

Year: 2012

Volume: 51(5)

Page: 1006-1008


URL: http://en.cnki.com.cn/Article_en/CJFDTOTAL-HBNY201205048.htm

DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.0439-8114.2012.05.045

Genus Species Data Points
Abelmoschus moschatus 13