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Tritriacontanoic acid, 11 hydroxy , decyl ester Tree Tritriacontanoic acid, 11-hydroxy-, decyl ester 11-OH-33:0 Decyl 11-hydroxytritriacontanoate C43 H86 O3 651.14 1 M_480
Tetratriacontanoic acid Tree Tetratriacontanoic acid 34:0 Geddic acid; Gheddic acid; Ghedoic acid C34H68O2 508.52 1 M_171
25 tetratriacontenoic acid, (25z) Tree 25-Tetratriacontenoic acid, (25Z)- 34:1-delta-25c 25-Tetratriacontenoic acid, (Z)-; Tetratriacont-25-enoic acid C34H66O2 506.9 1
Dotriacontanoic acid Tree Dotriacontanoic acid 32:0 Lacceric acid; Lacceroic acid; n-Dotriacontanoic acid C32 H64 O2 480.85 1 M_169
Dotriacontenoic acid Tree Dotriacontenoic acid 32:1 Structure ambiguous (double bond position and configuration) C32H62O2 478.48 3 M_424
Octacosanoic acid, 6 hydroxy 6 methyl 9 oxo Tree Octacosanoic acid, 6-hydroxy-6-methyl-9-oxo- 6-OH-6-Me-9=O-28:0 Argemonic acid; Argemonic acid C29 H56 O4 468.75 1 M_300
Triacontanoic acid, 11 oxo Tree Triacontanoic acid, 11-oxo- 11-O=30:0 11-Oxotriacontanoic acid C30 H58 O3 466.78 2 M_385
Hentriacontanoic acid Tree Hentriacontanoic acid 31:0 C31H62O2 466.48 2
Hydroxytriacont 25c enoic acid Tree Hydroxytriacont-25c-enoic acid OH-30:1-delta-25c structure ambiguous C30H58O3 466.44 1 M_351
22 hentriacontenoic acid, (22z) Tree 22-Hentriacontenoic acid, (22Z)- 31:1-delta-22c C31H60O2 464.82 1
Triacontanoic acid Tree Triacontanoic acid 30:0 Melissic acid; Melissic acid; Myricic acid; NSC 53832; n-Triacontanoic acid C30 H60 O2 452.8 10 M_167
Triacontenoic acid Tree Triacontenoic acid 30:1 Structure ambiguous (double bond position and configuration) C30H58O2 450.88 1 M_397
21 triacontenoic acid, (21z) Tree 21-Triacontenoic acid, (21Z)- 30:1-delta-21c 21-Triacontenoic acid, (Z)-; Lumequeic acid C30 H58 O2 450.78 1 M_168
Nonacosanoic acid Tree Nonacosanoic acid 29:0 n-Nonacosanoic acid C29 H58 O2 438.77 1 M_528
Octacosanoic acid, 9 oxo Tree Octacosanoic acid, 9-oxo- 9-O=28:0 C28 H54 O3 438.73 2 M_383
Octacosanoic acid, 11 oxo Tree Octacosanoic acid, 11-oxo- 11-O=28:0 11-Oxo-Octacosanoic acid C28 H54 O3 438.73 2 M_384
Hydroxyoctacos 23c enoic acid Tree Hydroxyoctacos-23c-enoic acid OH-28:1-delta-23c structure ambiguous C28H54O3 438.41 1 M_350
20 nonacosenoic acid, (20z) Tree 20-nonacosenoic acid, (20Z)- 29:1-delta-20c (Z)-20-Nonacosenoic acid; (20Z)-NONACOS-20-ENOIC ACID C29H56O2 436.77 1
22 octacosenoic acid, 19 oxo , (z)  (8ci) Tree 22-Octacosenoic acid, 19-oxo-, (Z)- (8CI) 19-O=28:1-delta-22c C28 H52 O3 436.71 2 M_368
Octacosanoic acid Tree Octacosanoic acid 28:0 Montanic acid; Montanic acid; n-Octacosanoic acid C28 H56 O2 424.74 44 M_166
Octacosenoic acid Tree Octacosenoic acid 28:1 ambiguous structure C28H54O2 422.82 1 M_357
23 octacosenoic acid, (z) Tree 23-Octacosenoic acid, (Z)- 28:1-delta-23c C28 H54 O2 422.73 1 M_345
20 hexacosenoic acid, 17 oxo , methyl ester, (z) Tree 20-Hexacosenoic acid, 17-oxo-, methyl ester, (Z)- 17-O=26:1-delta-20c C27 H50 O3 422.68 3 M_367
Tetracosanoic acid, 15,16 dihydroxy , methyl ester Tree Tetracosanoic acid, 15,16-dihydroxy-, methyl ester 15,16-di-OH-24:0 C25 H50 O4 414.66 1 M_474
Hydroxyhexacosanoic acid Tree Hydroxyhexacosanoic acid OH-26:0 structure ambiguous C26H52O3 412.39 1 M_311
Heptacosanoic acid Tree Heptacosanoic acid 27:0 Carboceric acid C27 H54 O2 410.72 13 M_165
Hydroxyhexacos 21c enoic acid Tree Hydroxyhexacos-21c-enoic acid OH-26:1-delta-21c structure ambiguous C26H50O3 410.38 1 M_349
18 heptacosenoic acid, (18z) Tree 18-heptacosenoic acid, (18Z)- 27:1-delta-18 C27H52O2 408.71 1
Hexacosanoic acid Tree Hexacosanoic acid 26:0 Cerotic acid; Cerotic acid; Ceratinic acid; Ceric acid; Cerinic acid; Cerylic acid; NSC 4205; n-Hexacosanoic acid C26 H52 O2 396.69 183 M_160
17 hexacosenoic acid, (17z) Tree 17-Hexacosenoic acid, (17Z)- 26:1-delta-17c Ximenic acid; 17-Hexacosenoic acid, (Z)-; (Z)-17-Hexacosenoic acid; cis-17-Hexacosenoic acid; Ximenic acid C26 H50 O2 394.67 8 M_164
21 hexacosenoic acid, (21z) Tree 21-Hexacosenoic acid, (21Z)- 26:1-delta-21c 21-Hexacosenoic acid, (Z)- C26 H50 O2 394.67 2 M_344
Hexacosenoic acid Tree Hexacosenoic acid 26:1 structure ambiguous C26H50O2 394.38 8 M_161
(1 cyano 2 methylprop 2 enyl) eicos 13z enoate Tree (1-cyano-2-methylprop-2-enyl) eicos-13Z-enoate CN-IV-20:1-delta-13c Type IV cyanolipid 20:1 ester C25H43NO2 389.61 1
(1 cyano 2 methylprop 2 enyl) eicos 11z,14z dienoate Tree (1-cyano-2-methylprop-2-enyl) eicos-11Z,14Z-dienoate CN-IV-20:2-delta-11c,14c Type IV cyanolipid 20:2 ester C25H41NO2 387.6 1
Hydroxytetracosanoic acid Tree Hydroxytetracosanoic acid OH-24:0 structure ambiguous C24H48O3 384.36 1 M_352
Pentacosanoic acid Tree Pentacosanoic acid 25:0 Hyenic acid; n-Pentacosanoic acid C25 H50 O2 382.66 48 M_395
Hydroxytetracos 19c enoic acid Tree Hydroxytetracos-19c-enoic acid OH-24:1-delta-19c structure ambiguous C24H46O3 382.34 1 M_348
16 pentacosenoic acid, (16z) Tree 16-pentacosenoic acid, (16Z)- 25:1-delta-16Z 16Z-pentacosenoic acid; C25:1n-9; (Z)-17-Pentacosenoic acid; (Z)-pentacos-16-enoic acid; C25H48O2 380.66 1
18 tetracosenoic acid, 15 oxo , (z)  (8ci) Tree 18-Tetracosenoic acid, 15-oxo-, (Z)- (8CI) 15-O=24:1-delta-18c C24 H44 O3 380.6 2 M_366
Docosanoic acid, 13,14 dihydroxy Tree Docosanoic acid, 13,14-dihydroxy- 13,14-di-OH-22:0 13,14-Dihydroxybehenic acid C22 H44 O4 372.58 1 M_473
Docosanedioic acid Tree Docosanedioic acid 21-COOH-21:0 Phellogenic acid; 1,20-Eicosanedicarboxylic acid; 1,22-Docosanedioic acid; Docosan-1,22-dioic acid; Felogenic acid; NSC 56159; Phellogenic acid C22 H42 O4 370.57 50 M_241
Tetracosanoic acid Tree Tetracosanoic acid 24:0 Lignoceric acid; n-Tetracosanoic acid C24 H48 O2 368.64 1629 M_157
15 tetracosenoic acid, (15z) Tree 15-Tetracosenoic acid, (15Z)- 24:1-delta-15c Nervonic acid; 15-Tetracosenoic acid, (Z)-; 15-Tetracosenoic acid, cis-; (15Z)-Tetracosenoic acid; (Z)-15-Tetracosenoic acid; Nervonic acid; Nevoni... C24 H46 O2 366.62 347 M_159
19 tetracosenoic acid, (19z) Tree 19-Tetracosenoic acid, (19Z)- 24:1-delta-19c N/A C24 H46 O2 366.62 4 M_358
17 tetracosenoic acid, (z) Tree 17-Tetracosenoic acid, (Z)- 24:1-delta-17c C24 H46 O2 366.62 3 M_414
13 tetracosenoic acid Tree 13-Tetracosenoic acid 24:1-delta-13 C24H46O2 366.62 2
Tetracosenoic acid Tree Tetracosenoic acid 24:1 ambiguous structure C24H46O2 366.35 298 M_158
15,18 tetracosadienoic acid, (z,z) Tree 15,18-Tetracosadienoic acid, (Z,Z)- 24:2-delta-15c,18c -delta-15,18-Tetracosadienoic acid C24 H44 O2 364.61 2 M_409
Tetracosadienoic acid Tree Tetracosadienoic acid 24:2 structure ambiguous C24H44O2 364.33 5 M_316
12,15,18 tetracosatrienoic acid, (12z,15z,18z) Tree 12,15,18-Tetracosatrienoic acid, (12Z,15Z,18Z)- 24:3-delta-12c,15c,18c 12,15,18-Tetracosatrienoic acid, (Z,Z,Z)- C24 H42 O2 362.59 1 M_411
15,18,21 tetracosatrienoic acid, (15z,18z,21z) Tree 15,18,21-Tetracosatrienoic acid, (15Z,18Z,21Z)- 24:3-delta-15c,18c,21c 15,18,21-Tetracosatrienoic acid, (Z,Z,Z)- C24 H42 O2 362.59 1 M_447
Hydroxydocosanoic acid Tree Hydroxydocosanoic acid OH-22:0 structure ambiguous C22H44O3 356.33 1 M_346
Tricosanoic acid Tree Tricosanoic acid 23:0 22FA; Tricosylic acid; n-Tricosanoic acid C23 H46 O2 354.61 307 M_156
Hydroxydocosenoic acid Tree Hydroxydocosenoic acid OH-22:1 structure ambiguous C22H42O3 354.31 2 M_335
Hydroxydocos 17c enoic acid Tree Hydroxydocos-17c-enoic acid OH-22:1-delta-17c structure ambiguous C22H42O3 354.31 1 M_347
9 tricosenoic acid, (9z) Tree 9-Tricosenoic acid, (9Z)- 23:1-delta-9c C23H44O2 352.59 7
Cyclopropanedodecanoic acid, 2 octyl Tree Cyclopropanedodecanoic acid, 2-octyl- 13,14-cpa-23:0 C23H44O2 352.59 2
Octadecanoic acid, 8,10 dimethoxy Tree Octadecanoic acid, 8,10-dimethoxy- C20H40O4 344.53 2
Heneicosanoic acid, 20 methyl Tree Heneicosanoic acid, 20-methyl- 20-Me-21:0 structure ambiguous: double bond configuration and position not specified C22H44O2 340.59 4
Docosanoic acid Tree Docosanoic acid 22:0 Behenic acid; 1-Docosanoic acid; B 95; B 95 (acid); Behenic acid; EXL 5; n-Docosanoic acid C22 H44 O2 340.58 3407 M_139
11 docosenoic acid, (11z) Tree 11-Docosenoic acid, (11Z)- 22:1-delta-11c Cetoleic acid; 11-Docosenoic acid, (Z)-; 11-Docosenoic acid, cis-; Cetoleic acid; (11Z)-11-Docosenoic acid; (Z)-11-Docosenoic acid; cis-Docos-11-en... C22 H42 O2 338.57 33 M_141
13 docosenoic acid, (13z) Tree 13-Docosenoic acid, (13Z)- 22:1-delta-13c Erucic acid; 13-Docosenoic acid, (Z)-; (13Z)-Docosenoic acid; (Z)-13-Docosenoic acid; (Z)-Erucic acid; 13(Z)-Docosenoic acid; 13-cis-Docosenoic aci... C22 H42 O2 338.57 1093 M_144
13 docosenoic acid, (13e) Tree 13-Docosenoic acid, (13E)- 22:1-delta-13t 5,8,11,14-all-cis-Eicosatetraenoic acid C22 H42 O2 338.57 3 M_145
17 docosenoic acid, (17z) Tree 17-Docosenoic acid, (17Z)- 22:1-delta-17c N/A C22 H42 O2 338.57 4 M_359
15 docosenoic acid, (15z) Tree 15-Docosenoic acid, (15Z)- 22:1-delta-15c 15-Docosenoic acid, (Z)-; (Z)-15-Docosenoic acid; 15Z-Docosenoic acid; C22:1-omega-7; cis-15-Docosenoic acid C22 H42 O2 338.57 70 M_377
5 docosenoic acid, (5z) Tree 5-Docosenoic acid, (5Z)- 22:1-delta-5c 5-Docosenoic acid, (Z)-; cis-5-Docosenoic acid C22 H42 O2 338.57 2 M_448
Docosenoic acid Tree Docosenoic acid 22:1 structure ambiguous C22H42O2 338.32 703 M_140
5,13 docosadienoic acid, (5z,13z) Tree 5,13-Docosadienoic acid, (5Z,13Z)- 22:2-delta-5c,13c 5,13-Docosadienoic acid, (Z,Z)-; cis-5-cis-13-Docosadienoic acid C22 H40 O2 336.55 34 M_147
13,16 docosadienoic acid, (13z,16z) Tree 13,16-Docosadienoic acid, (13Z,16Z)- 22:2-delta-13c,16c 13,16-Docosadienoic acid, (Z,Z)-; cis-13,cis-16-Docosadienoic acid C22 H40 O2 336.55 113 M_148
9,12 docosadienoic acid Tree 9,12-Docosadienoic acid 22:2-delta-9,12 structure ambiguous: double bond configuration not specified C22H40O2 336.55 11
Docosadienoic acid Tree Docosadienoic acid 22:2 structure ambiguous C22H40O2 336.3 138 M_146
5,13,16 docosatrienoic acid, (5z,13z,16z) Tree 5,13,16-Docosatrienoic acid, (5Z,13Z,16Z)- 22:3-delta-5c,13c,16c Eranthic acid; Eranthic acid C22 H38 O2 334.54 6 M_150
10,13,16 docosatrienoic acid Tree 10,13,16-Docosatrienoic acid 22:3-delta-10c,13c,16c C22 H38 O2 334.54 6 M_152
13,16,19 docosatrienoic acid, (13z,16z,19z) Tree 13,16,19-Docosatrienoic acid, (13Z,16Z,19Z)- 22:3-delta-13c,16c,19c 13,16,19-Docosatrienoic acid, (Z,Z,Z)-; cis-13,cis-16,cis-19-Docosatrienoic acid C22 H38 O2 334.54 20 M_153
E,z,z 3,13,16 docosatrienoic acid Tree E,Z,Z-3,13,16-Docosatrienoic acid 22:3-delta-3t,13c,16c C22 H38 O2 334.54 2 M_410
Docosatrienoic acid Tree Docosatrienoic acid 22:3 structure ambiguous C22H38O2 334.29 24 M_149
Z,z,z,z 7,10,13,16 docosatetraenoic acid Tree Z,Z,Z,Z-7,10,13,16-Docosatetraenoic acid 22:4-delta-7c,10c,13c,16c Adrenic acid C22 H36 O2 332.52 10 M_155
Octadecanoic acid, 9,10,18 trihydroxy Tree Octadecanoic acid, 9,10,18-trihydroxy- 9,10,18-tri-OH-18:0 Octadecanoic acid, 9,10,18-trihydroxy-, threo-(+)-; (+)-threo-9,10,18-Trihydroxyoctadecanoic acid; Aleutiric acid; Floionolic acid; Phloionolic acid C18 H36 O5 332.48 2 M_294
Eicosanoic acid, 20 fluoro Tree Eicosanoic acid, 20-fluoro- 20-F-20:0 C20 H39 F O2 330.52 1 M_526
7,10,13,16,19 docosapentaenoic acid, (z,z,z,z,z) Tree 7,10,13,16,19-Docosapentaenoic acid, (Z,Z,Z,Z,Z)- 22:5-delta-7c,10c,13c,16c,19c C22 H34 O2 330.5 5 M_407
12 octadecenoic acid, 9,10,18 trihydroxy , (12z) Tree 12-Octadecenoic acid, 9,10,18-trihydroxy-, (12Z)- 9,10,18-tri-OH-18:1-delta-12c 9,10,18-Trihydroxyoctadec-12-enoic acid C18 H34 O5 330.46 2 M_403
4,7,10,13,16,19 docosahexaenoic acid, (4z,7z,10z,13z,16z,19z) Tree 4,7,10,13,16,19-Docosahexaenoic acid, (4Z,7Z,10Z,13Z,16Z,19Z)- 22:6-delta-4c,7c,10c,13c,16c,19c 4,7,10,13,16,19-Docosahexaenoic acid, (all-Z)-; Docosahexaenoic acid; (4Z,7Z,10Z,13Z,16Z,19Z)-4,7,10,13,16,19-Docosahexaenoic acid; (4Z,7Z,10Z,13Z,... C22 H32 O2 328.49 7 M_408
Nonadecandioic acid Tree Nonadecandioic acid 18-COOH-18:0 Nonadecanedioic acid;6250-70-0;1,19-Nonadecanedioic acid;NONADECANEDIOICACID; C19H36O4 328.49 2
Eicosanoic acid, 18 methyl Tree Eicosanoic acid, 18-methyl- 18-Me-20:0 18-methylicosanoic acid;Anteisoheneicosanoic acid;18-Methyleicosanoic acid;(+)-18-methyl-icosanoic acid;(+)-18-methyl-eicosanoic acid; Methylarachi... C21H42O2 326.57 2
Heneicosanoic acid Tree Heneicosanoic acid 21:0 Heneicosylic acid; n-Heneicosanoic acid C21 H42 O2 326.56 292 M_138
11 eicosenoic acid, 14 hydroxy , (11z,14r) Tree 11-Eicosenoic acid, 14-hydroxy-, (11Z,14R)- R-14-OH-20:1-delta-11c Lesquerolic acid; 11-Eicosenoic acid, 14-hydroxy-, (Z)-D-(+)-; 11-Eicosenoic acid, 14-hydroxy-, [R-(Z)]-; Lesquerolic acid C20 H38 O3 326.51 84 M_280
Hydroxyeicosenoic acid Tree Hydroxyeicosenoic acid OH-20:1 structure ambiguous C20H38O3 326.28 62 M_317
11 tridecenoic acid, 13 [(2s,3r) 3 pentyloxiranyl] , (11z) Tree 11-Tridecenoic acid, 13-[(2S,3R)-3-pentyloxiranyl]-, (11Z)- 14,15-O-20:1-delta-11c 11-Tridecenoic acid, 13-(3-pentyloxiranyl)-, [2S-[2-alpha-(Z),3-alpha-]]-; Alchornoic acid C20 H36 O3 324.5 2 M_184
11,17 eicosadienoic acid, 14 hydroxy , (11z,14r,17z) Tree 11,17-Eicosadienoic acid, 14-hydroxy-, (11Z,14R,17Z)- 14-OH-20:2-delta-11c,17c Auricolic acid; 11,17-Eicosadienoic acid, 14-hydroxy-, [R-(Z,Z)]-; Auricolic acid C20 H36 O3 324.5 85 M_281
Heneicosenoic acid Tree Heneicosenoic acid 21:1 structure ambiguous C21H40O2 324.3 23 M_398
Hydroxyeicosadienoic acid Tree Hydroxyeicosadienoic acid OH-20:2 structure ambiguous C20H36O3 324.27 49 M_318
15 phenylpentadecanoic acid Tree 15-Phenylpentadecanoic acid 15-Ph-15:0 C21H34O2 318.55 2 M_530
Heneicosatetraenoic acid Tree Heneicosatetraenoic acid 21:4 structure ambiguous: double bond configuration and position not specified C21H34O2 318.5 2
Octadecanoic acid, 9,10 dihydroxy , (9r,10r) Tree Octadecanoic acid, 9,10-dihydroxy-, (9R,10R)- R9,R10-di-OH-18:0 Octadecanoic acid, 9,10-dihydroxy-, [R-(R*,R*)]-; Octadecanoic acid, 9,10-dihydroxy-, threo-(+)-; (+)-Threo-9,10-Dihydroxystearic acid C18 H36 O4 316.48 2 M_287
Octadecanoic acid, 9,10 dihydroxy Tree Octadecanoic acid, 9,10-dihydroxy- 9,10-di-OH-18:0 C18 H36 O4 316.48 4 M_288
9 ​pentadecenoic acid, 15 ​phenyl ​, (9z)​ Tree 9-​Pentadecenoic acid, 15-​phenyl-​, (9Z)​- 15-Ph-15:1-cis9 15-phenylpentadec-9-enoic acid C21H32O2 316.48 2
18 fluoro 9,10 epoxyoctadecanoic acid Tree 18-Fluoro-9,10-Epoxyoctadecanoic acid 18-F-9,10-O-18:0 C18H33FO3 316.45 1 M_539
9 octadecenoic acid, 12,13 dihydroxy , (9z,12s,13s) Tree 9-Octadecenoic acid, 12,13-dihydroxy-, (9Z,12S,13S)- 12,13-di-OH-18:1-delta-9c 9-Octadecenoic acid, 12,13-dihydroxy-, [S-[R*,R*-(Z)]]-; Oleic acid, 12,13-dihydroxy-, (12S,13S)-(-)-; (-)-threo-12,13-Dihydroxyoleic acid C18 H34 O4 314.46 1 M_512
Eicosanoic acid Tree Eicosanoic acid 20:0 Arachidic acid; Arachic acid; Arachidic acid; Icosanoic acid; NSC 93983; n-Eicosanic acid; n-Eicosanoic acid C20 H40 O2 312.53 5434 M_119
Nonadecanoic acid, 11 methyl Tree Nonadecanoic acid, 11-methyl- 11-Me-19:0 C20H40O2 312.53 3