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Delta notation: 10:2

Other Names: structure ambiguous: double bond positions and configuration not specified

Formula: C10H16O2

Mass: 168.24

Decadienoic acid
Structure drawn at OPSIN (opsin.ch.cam.uk)

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Sapium sebiferum (L.) Roxb. 莴苣籽油理化性质及脂肪酸组成研究_徐芳 . Physicochemical property and fatty acid composition of Lactuca sativa L.seed oil XU Fang; WANG Qiang; HAJI AKBER Aisa; China Oils and Fats (2012) 37(1) 72-74 4.13 weight-%
Sapium sebiferum (L.) Roxb. 5种乌桕籽油主要脂肪酸成分的GC_MS分析_靳丽 . GC-MS analysis of fatty acid components of Sapium sebiferum seeds from five different habitats JIN Li;YI Mingjing;CHEN Yongqin;CHEN Yong Journal of Hubei University(Natural Science) (2010) 32(4) 443-446 2.14 weight-%
Thlaspi arvense L. 二十三种药用种子(或果实)中油的化学组成—黄民权(GC) . THE CHEMICAL COMPOSITIONS OF OILS OF MEDICAL SEEDS (OR FRUITS) OF 23 SPECIES MQ Huang; LY Zhang Guihaia (1986) 6(3) 235-238 2.12 weight-%
Beilschmiedia delicata S.K. Lee & Y.T. Wei 广玉兰果实脂肪酸成分的GC_MS分析_张倩 . Analysis of Fatty Acids from fruit of Magnolia grandifore by GC-MS ZHANG Qian; TANG Na-na; YU Hai-lin; KANG Wen-yi Journal of Henan University(Medical Science) (2009) 28(2) 101-103 0.7 weight-%
Sapium sebiferum (L.) Roxb. 紫斑牡丹籽油提取工艺的优化及脂肪酸组成的研究_李莉莉(GC-MS) . Optimization of chemical leaching extraction process and fatty acid composition of Paeonia rockii seed oil LI Li-li; TANG Hong; WEI Jin-mei; WANG Shi-quan Science and Technology of Food Industry (2015) 36(24) 230-234, 238 0.38 weight-%
Camellia polyodonta F.C. How ex Hu 15株雅安红花油茶树茶籽含油率及脂肪酸组成分析_徐洲 GC-MS . Oil content and fatty acid composition of 15 Camellia polyodonta in ya'an XU Zhou; LI Qian-qian; ZHOU Qing-fen; LI Xu; DING Chun-bang Science and Technology of Food Industry (2014) 35(17) 305-308 0.0 weight-%
Cornus controversa Hemsl. 中国油脂植物 Chinese Oil Plants Jia Liangzhi; Zhou Jun Book: Chinese Oil Plants. Beijing: Science Press: Edited by Jia Liangzhi & Zhou Jun (1987) 0.0 weight-%