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Abstract The fatty acid of 15 Camellia polyodonta trees which were selected in Ya'an,Si Chuan was analyzed by GC-MS.And the yield of fruit per crown width,the natality of the seed and the oil rate of dry seed were analyzed with the relevant analysis.The results indicated that: the yield of Camellia polyodonta fruit of Ya'an ranged from 1.3to 3kg /m2 per crown width.The kernel rate of seed ranged from 65.83% to 78.18%.The oil rate of dry seed ranged from 27.94% to 32.46%.The content of oleic ranged from 70.45% to 83.13%.The content of linoleic acid ranged from5.3% to 13.37%.The content of palmitic acid ranged from 7.33% to 15.82%.The content of stearic acid ranged from1.64% to 4.18%,and the average content of linoleic acid was about 8.73%,which was accorded with the provision of the healthcare nutritional oil which was set by the WHO. As the relevant analysis,an extremely negative correlation was observed between the contents of the oleic and the linoleic acid,while the correlation between the yield and the quality of the fatty acid was negative,therefore,the yield and the composition of fatty acid should be taken into consideration when selecting breeding.

Authors: XU Zhou; LI Qian-qian; ZHOU Qing-fen; LI Xu; DING Chun-bang

Journal: Science and Technology of Food Industry

Year: 2014

Volume: 35(17)

Page: 305-308


URL: http://en.cnki.com.cn/Article_en/CJFDTotal-SPKJ201417073.htm

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Camellia polyodonta 193