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Abstract Studies of the fatty acid compn. of oil from seed of pearl millet, Pennisetum typhoides [Pennisetum glaucum]​, have permitted comparisons of 5 extn. procedures, genetic diversity in 65 lines, seed-​size differences, and seed maturation in 4 inbred lines during 2 growing periods (early and late)​. Oil extd. with a nonpolar solvent was different in fatty acid compn. compared with oil from extn. procedures using polar solvents. The range in fatty acid compn. of 65 pearl millet lines of diverse origin was: 16.7-​25.0​% palmitic; 1.8-​8.0​% stearic; 20.2-​30.6​% oleic, 40.3-​51.7​% linoleic, and 2.3-​5.8​% linolenic acid. In one variety, the proportion of linolenic acid of total oil was consistently increased as seed size decreased. A study of oil compn. in 4 inbred lines during seed maturation showed that the most rapid and greatest changes in fatty acid compn. occurred during the 1st 16 days after anthesis. Changes in fatty acid compn. were small beyond 24 days after anthesis. The relative amts. of palmitic and linolenic acids decreased during seed maturation, while stearic and linoleic acids increased. The proportion of oleic acid increased during early seed maturation and then decreased. Although large differences in fatty acid compn. were found between the early and late season crops during early stages of seed development, the final fatty acid compn. of the mature seed was similar for the 2 crops.

Authors: Jellum, M. D.; Powell, J. B.

Journal: Agronomy Journal

Year: 1971

Volume: 63

Page: 29

UID: WOS:A1971I438500011

DOI: 10.2134/agronj1971.00021962006300010011x

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Genus Species Data Points
Pennisetum americanum 6
Sorghum vulgare 5
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