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Formic acid Tree Formic acid 1:0 C H2 O2 46.03 1 M_001
Acetic acid Tree Acetic acid 2:0 C2 H4 O2 60.05 15 M_002
2 ​propenoic acid 2-​Propenoic acid 3:1-delta-2c Acrylic acid; Acrylic acid, Acroleic acid, Ethylenecarboxylic acid, Propenoic acid C3 H4 O2 72.06 M_004
Propanoic acid Tree Propanoic acid 3:0 Propionic acid acid C3 H6 O2 74.08 2 M_003
Butanoic acid Tree Butanoic acid 4:0 Butyric acid; Butyric acid; 1-Propanecarboxylic acid; Ethylacetic acid; n-Butanoic acid; n-Butyric acid C4 H8 O2 88.11 16 M_005
Pentanoic acid Tree Pentanoic acid 5:0 Valeric acid; Valeric acid, 1-Butanecarboxylic acid, n-Pentanoic acid C5 H10 O2 102.13 2 M_006
Butanoic acid, 3 methyl Butanoic acid, 3-methyl- i-5:0 Isovaleric acid; 3-Methyl-1-butanoic acid; 3-Methyl-n-butyric acid; 3-Methylbutanoic acid; 3-Methylbutyrate; 3-Methylbutyric acid; Acetic acid, is... C5 H10 O2 102.13 M_189
Propanedioic acid Propanedioic acid 2-COOH-2:0 C3H4O4 104.07 M_228
2,4 hexadienoic acid, (2e,4e) 2,4-Hexadienoic acid, (2E,4E)- 6:2-delta-2t,4t Sorbic acid; 2,4-Hexadienoic acid, (E,E)-, Sorbic acid, (2E,4E)-2,4-Hexadienoic acid, (E,E)-1,3-Pentadiene-1-carboxylic acid, (E,E)-2,4-Hexadienoic... C6 H8 O2 112.13 M_048
2 cyclopentene 1 carboxylic acid 2-Cyclopentene-1-carboxylic acid 6:1cy 2-Cyclopentenecarboxylic acid; Aleprolic acid C6 H8 O2 112.13 M_207
Pentanoic acid, 4 oxo Tree Pentanoic acid, 4-oxo- 4-O=5:0 C5H8O3 116.12 4
Hexanoic acid Tree Hexanoic acid 6:0 Caproic acid; 1-Hexanoic acid; 1-Pentanecarboxylic acid; Butylacetic acid; Caproic acid; Capronic acid; Pentylformic acid; n-Caproic acid; n-Hexano... C6 H12 O2 116.16 67 M_007
4 methylpentanoic acid 4-Methylpentanoic acid i-6:0 C6H12O2 116.18 M_190
Butanedioic acid Butanedioic acid 3-COOH-3:0 Succinic acid; 1,2-Ethanedicarboxylic acid; 1,4-Butanedioic acid; A 12084; Amber acid; Asuccin; Biosuccinium SA; Dihydrofumaric acid; Katasuccin; ... C4 H6 O4 118.09 M_229
Benzoic acid Tree Benzoic acid 1-Ph-1:0 Benzenecarboxylic acid; Benzeneformic acid; Benzenemethanoic acid; Carboxybenzene C7 H6 O2 122.12 4 M_529
3 heptenoic acid Tree 3-Heptenoic acid 7:1-delta-3 β-heptenoic acid C7H12O2 128.08 2
Heptanoic acid Tree Heptanoic acid 7:0 1-Hexanecarboxylic acid; C7 H14 O2 130.18 9 M_008
Pentanedioic acid Pentanedioic acid 4-COOH-4:0 Glutaric acid; 1,3-Propanedicarboxylic acid; 1,5-Pentanedioic acid; NSC 9238 C5 H8 O4 132.11 M_230
2 cyclopentene 1 propanoic acid 2-Cyclopentene-1-propanoic acid 8:1cy 2-Cyclopentene-1-propionic acid; Alepramic acid C8 H12 O2 140.18 M_208
Octenoic acid Tree Octenoic acid 8:1 structure ambiguous C8H14O2 142.1 1 M_310
Octenoic acid Octenoic acid 8:1 structure ambiguous: double bond positions and configuration not specified C8H14O2 142.1
Octanoic acid Tree Octanoic acid 8:0 Caprylic acid; 1-Heptanecarboxylic acid; Caprylic acid;` C8 H16 O2 144.21 653 M_009
Heptanoic acid, 6 methyl Heptanoic acid, 6-methyl- i-8:0 6-Methylheptanoic acid; Isocaprylic acid; iso-Caprylic acid C8 H16 O2 144.21 M_191
Hexanedioic acid Tree Hexanedioic acid 5-COOH-5:0 Adipic acid; 1,4-Butanedicarboxylic acid; 1,6-Hexanedioic acid; Acifloctin; Acinetten; Adilactetten; Adipinic acid; Asapic; E 355; Inipol DS; NSC ... C6 H10 O4 146.14 2 M_231
Nonenoic acid Tree Nonenoic acid 9:1 structure ambiguous C9H16O2 156.12 1 M_340
8 hydroxy 5,6 octadienoic acid Tree 8-Hydroxy-5,6-octadienoic acid 8-OH-8:2-delta-5,6allene ; 5,6-Octadienoic acid, 8-hydroxy- C8 H12 O3 156.18 1 M_443
Octanoic acid, 8 oxo Tree Octanoic acid, 8-oxo- 8-O=8:0 C8H14O3 158.09 4
Octanoic acid, 6 oxo Tree Octanoic acid, 6-oxo- 6-O=8:0 C8H14O3 158.09 2
Nonanoic acid Tree Nonanoic acid 9:0 Pelargonic acid; Pelargonic acid;1-Octanecarboxylic acid; Nonoic acid; Nonylic acid; n-Nonanoic acid; n-Nonoic acid; n-Nonylic acid; n-Pelargonic ... C9 H18 O2 158.24 23 M_010
Octanoic acid, 7 methyl Octanoic acid, 7-methyl- i-9:0 7-Methyloctanoic acid; Isononanoic acid; Isopelargonic acid C9 H18 O2 158.24 M_192
Octanoic acid, 6 methyl Octanoic acid, 6-methyl- ai-9:0 (±)-6-Methyloctanoic acid; 6-Methylcaprylic acid; 6-Methyloctanoic acid; Anteisononanoic acid; ai-Nonanoic acid C9 H18 O2 158.24 M_201
Heptanedioic acid Heptanedioic acid 6-COOH-6:0 Pimelic Acid; Duplicate; remove this Pimelic acid;Heptanedioic acid;Pileric acid;Heptandioic acid;1,5-Pentanedicarboxylic acid C7H12O4 160.07
2,8 decadiene 4,6 diynoic acid 2,8-Decadiene-4,6-diynoic acid 10:4-delta-2t,4a,6a,8t Matricaric acid; Matricaric acid C10 H8 O2 160.17 M_016
2,8 decadiene 4,6 diynoic acid, (z,z) 2,8-Decadiene-4,6-diynoic acid, (Z,Z)- 10:4-delta-2c,4a,6a,8c Matricaric acid C10 H8 O2 160.17 M_503
2,8 decadiene 4,6 diynoic acid, (z,e) 2,8-Decadiene-4,6-diynoic acid, (Z,E)- 10:4-delta-2c,4a,6a,8t Z,E-Matricaric acid C10H8O2 160.18 M_504
Heptanedioic acid Tree Heptanedioic acid 6-COOH-6:0 Pimelic acid; Pimelic acid ;Pileric acid; 1,5-Pentanedicarboxylic acid C7H12O4 160.19 2 M_232
Octanoic acid, 3 hydroxy Octanoic acid, 3-hydroxy- 3-OH-8:0 Caprylic acid, β-hydroxy- (±)-3-Hydroxyoctanoic acid 3-Hydroxycaprylic acid 3-Hydroxyoctanoic acid β-Hydroxyoctanoic acid C8 H16 O3 160.21 M_243
Octanoic acid, 8 hydroxy Octanoic acid, 8-hydroxy- 8-OH-8:0 8-Hydroxycaprylic acid; 8-Hydroxyoctanoic acid C8 H16 O3 160.21 M_244
Z 2 decen 4,6 diynoic acid Z-2-Decen-4,6-diynoic acid 10:3-delta-2c,4a,6a C10H10O2 162.2 M_015
2,4,6 decatrienoic acid, (e,e,z)  2,4,6-Decatrienoic acid, (E,E,Z)- 10:3-delta-2t,4t,6c 2t,4t,6c-Decatrienoic acid; Deca-trans-2, trans-4, cis-6-trienoic acid C10 H14 O2 166.22 M_506
2,4,6 decatrienoic acid, (z,e,z) 2,4,6-Decatrienoic acid, (Z,E,Z)- 10:3-delta-2c,4t,6c C10 H14 O2 166.22 M_541
3,5,7 decatrienoic acid, (z,e,e) 3,5,7-Decatrienoic acid, (Z,E,E)- 10:3-delta-3c,5t,7t C10 H14 O2 166.22 M_542
3,5,7 decatrienoic acid, (e,z,e) 3,5,7-Decatrienoic acid, (E,Z,E)- 10:3-delta-3t,5t,7c C10 H14 O2 166.22 M_543
2,4 decadienoic acid, (2e,4z) Tree 2,4-Decadienoic acid, (2E,4Z)- 10:2-delta-2t,4c 2,4-Decadienoic acid, (E,Z)-; Stillingic acid; trans-2-cis-4-Decadienoic acid C10 H16 O2 168.23 5 M_014
2 cyclopentene 1 pentanoic acid Tree 2-Cyclopentene-1-pentanoic acid 10:1cy 2-Cyclopentene-1-valeric acid; Aleprestic acid C10 H16 O2 168.23 1 M_209
2,4 decadienoic acid, (e,e) Tree 2,4-Decadienoic acid, (E,E)- 10:2-delta-2t,4t C10 H16 O2 168.23 2 M_435
2,4 decadienoic acid Tree 2,4-Decadienoic acid 10:2-delta-2,4 Structure ambiguous C10 H16 O2 168.23 1
Decadienoic acid Tree Decadienoic acid 10:2 structure ambiguous: double bond positions and configuration not specified C10H16O2 168.24 7
Decadienoic acid Decadienoic acid 10:2 Duplicate - remove this record C10H16O2 168.24
Decenoic acid Tree Decenoic acid 10:1 structure ambiguous C10H18O2 170.13 89 M_342
4 decenoic acid, (4z) Tree 4-Decenoic acid, (4Z)- 10:1-delta-4c Obtusilic acid; 4-Decenoic acid, (Z)-; (Z)-4-Decenoic acid; 4-cis-Decenoic acid; Obtusilic acid; cis-4-Decenoic acid C10 H18 O2 170.25 19 M_012
9 decenoic acid 9-Decenoic acid 10:1-delta-9c Caproleic acid; Caproleic acid C10 H18 O2 170.25 M_013
Nonanoic acid, 9 oxo Tree Nonanoic acid, 9-oxo- 9-O=9:0 C9H16O3 172.11 17
Nonanoic acid, 7 methyl Tree Nonanoic acid, 7-methyl- 7-Me-9:0 ; C10H20O2 172.15 2
Decanoic acid Tree Decanoic acid 10:0 Capric acid; 1-Decanoic acid; Capric acid; Caprinic acid; Caprynic acid; Decoic acid; Decylic acid; n-Capric acid; n-Decanoic acid; n-Decoic acid; ... C10 H20 O2 172.26 1354 M_011
Nonanoic acid, 8 methyl Nonanoic acid, 8-methyl- i-10:0 8-Methylnonanoic acid; Isocapric acid C10 H20 O2 172.26 M_193
4 methylnonanoic acid 4-Methylnonanoic acid 4-Me-9:0 Methylpelargonic acid C10H20O2 172.3 M_173
Octanedioic acid Tree Octanedioic acid 7-COOH-7:0 Suberic acid; 1,6-Dicarboxyhexane; 1,6-Hexanedicarboxylic acid; 1,8-Octanedioic acid; Cork acid; Hexamethylenedicarboxylic acid; NSC 25952; NSC 53777 C8 H14 O4 174.19 9 M_233
8,9 epoxy 2 decene 4,6 diynoic acid, (z) 8,9-Epoxy-2-decene-4,6-diynoic acid, (Z)- 8,9-O-10:3-delta-2c,4a,6a C10H8O3 176.18 M_505
10 undecynoic acid 10-Undecynoic acid 11:1-delta-10c 10-Hendecynoic acid C11 H18 O2 182.26 M_018
Undecenoic acid Tree Undecenoic acid 11:1 structure ambiguous C11H20O2 184.15 2 M_390
Cyclopropaneacetic acid, 2 hexyl , (1s,2r) Cyclopropaneacetic acid, 2-hexyl-, (1S,2R)- 3,4-cpa-11:0 Cascarillic acid C11 H20 O2 184.28 M_215
Decanoic acid, 9 oxo Tree Decanoic acid, 9-oxo- 9-O=10:0 C10H18O3 186.13 2
Decanoic acid, 10 oxo Tree Decanoic acid, 10-oxo- 10-O=10:0 C10H18O3 186.13 3
Undecanoic acid Tree Undecanoic acid 11:0 1-Decanecarboxylic acid; Hendecanoic acid; NSC 7885; Undecylic acid; n-Undecanoic acid; n-Undecoic acid; n-Undecylic acid C11 H22 O2 186.29 42 M_017
Decanoic acid, 8 methyl Tree Decanoic acid, 8-methyl- ai-11:0 Capric acid, η-methyl-; (±)-8-Methyldecanoic acid; 8-Methyldecanoic acid; Anteisoundecanoic acid; ai-Undecanoic acid C11 H22 O2 186.29 3 M_202
Nonanedioic acid Tree Nonanedioic acid 8-COOH-8:0 Azelaic acid C9H16O4 188.22 23
Nonanedioic acid Nonanedioic acid 8-COOH-8:0 Duplicate 10721 Azelaic acid C9H16O4 188.22
Decanoic acid, 5 hydroxy Decanoic acid, 5-hydroxy- 5-OH-10:0 5-Hydroxydecanoic acid C10 H20 O3 188.26 M_245
2 cyclopentene 1 heptanoic acid Tree 2-Cyclopentene-1-heptanoic acid 12:1cy Aleprylic acid; (?)-2-Cyclopentene-1-heptanoic acid; Aleprylic acid; dl-Aleprylic acid C12 H20 O2 196.29 15 M_306
Dodecenoic acid Tree Dodecenoic acid 12:1 structure ambiguous C12H22O2 198.16 171 M_312
4 dodecenoic acid, (4z) Tree 4-Dodecenoic acid, (4Z)- 12:1-delta-4c Linderic acid; 4-Dodecenoic acid, (Z)-; (Z)-4-Dodecenoic acid; Linderic acid; cis-4-Dodecenoic acid C12 H22 O2 198.3 18 M_020
5 dodecenoic acid, (5z) Tree 5-Dodecenoic acid, (5Z)- 12:1-delta-5c 5-Dodecenoic acid, (Z)-; cis-5-Dodecenoic acid C12 H22 O2 198.3 3 M_021
7 dodecenoic acid, (7z) Tree 7-Dodecenoic acid, (7Z)- 12:1-delta-7c 7-Dodecenoic acid, (Z)-; (Z)-7-Dodecenoic acid; cis-7-Dodecenoic acid C12 H22 O2 198.3 3 M_022
9 dodecenoic acid, (9z) 9-Dodecenoic acid, (9Z)- 12:1-delta-9c 9-Dodecenoic acid, (Z)-, (Z)-9-Dodecenoic acid, C12:1ω9, C12:1ω9c, Lauroleic acid, cis-9-Dodecenoic acid C12 H22 O2 198.3 M_023
11 dodecenoic acid Tree 11-Dodecenoic acid 12:1-delta-11c C12 H22 O2 198.3 17 M_024
Cyclopropanenonanoic acid Tree Cyclopropanenonanoic acid 10,11-cpa-11:0 9-cyclopropylnonanoic acid; 5617-97-0; Cyclopropanenonanoic acid;  C12H22O2 198.31 3
Dodecanoic acid Tree Dodecanoic acid 12:0 Lauric acid; Lauric acid; 1-Dodecanoic acid; 1-Undecanecarboxylic acid; Dodecylic acid; n-Dodecanoic acid C12 H24 O2 200.32 3021 M_019
Undecanoic acid, 10 methyl Tree Undecanoic acid, 10-methyl- i-12:0 10-Methylundecanoic acid; Isododecanoic acid; Isolauric acid C12 H24 O2 200.32 3 M_194
Undecanoic acid, 10 methyl Undecanoic acid, 10-methyl- 10-Me-11:0 METHYL UNDECANOATE; 1731-86-8; Undecanoic acid methyl ester; Undecanoic acid, methyl ester; Methyl n-undecanoate;  C12H24O2 200.32
Decanedioic acid Tree Decanedioic acid 9-COOH-9:0 Sebacic acid; 1,10-Decanedioic acid; 1,8-Octanedicarboxylic acid; NSC 19492; NSC 97405; n-Decanedioic acid C10 H18 O4 202.25 5 M_234
Octanedioic acid, 2 hydroxy , 7 methyl Tree Octanedioic acid, 2-hydroxy-, 7-methyl- 2-OH-7-Me-8-COOH-8:0 C9H16O5 204.1 2
Octanoic acid, 6,6 dimethoxy Tree Octanoic acid, 6,6-dimethoxy- C10H20O4 204.14 2
3,4 methylenedodecanoic acid Tree 3,4-methylenedodecanoic acid 3,4-cpa-13:0 Cyclopropaneacetic acid, 2-​octyl-​ C13 H24 O2 212.18 1 M_336
Tridecenoic acid Tree Tridecenoic acid 13:1 structure ambiguous C13H24O2 212.18 3 M_341
2,4,6,12 tetradecatetraene 8,10 diynoic acid, (e,e,e,e) 2,4,6,12-Tetradecatetraene-8,10-diynoic acid, (E,E,E,E)- 14:6-delta-2t,4t,6t,8a,10a,12t C14H12O2 212.26 M_560
2,4,6,12 tetradecatetraene 8,10 diynoic acid, (e,e,e,z) 2,4,6,12-Tetradecatetraene-8,10-diynoic acid, (E,E,E,Z)- 14:6-delta-2t,4t,6t,8a,10a,12c C14H12O2 212.26 M_561
12 tridecenoic acid 12-Tridecenoic acid 13:1-delta-12c C13H24O2 212.37 M_026
4,6,12 tetradecatriene 8,10 diynoic acid, (e,e,z) 4,6,12-Tetradecatriene-8,10-diynoic acid, (E,E,Z)- 14:5-delta-4t,6t,8a,10a,12c C14H14O2 214.28 M_559
Tridecanoic acid Tree Tridecanoic acid 13:0 Tridecylic acid, n-Tridecanoic acid, n-Tridecoic acid C13 H26 O2 214.34 125 M_025
Dodecanoic acid, 10 methyl Dodecanoic acid, 10-methyl- ai-13:0 (±)-10-Methyldodecanoic acid; 10-Methyldodecanoic acid; Anteisotridecanoic acid C13 H26 O2 214.34 M_203
Undecanedioic acid Tree Undecanedioic acid 10-COOH-10:0 Undecandioic acid;1,11-Undecanedioic acid C11H20O4 216.28 2
E,e 2,4 tetradecadien 8,10 diynoic acid   E,E-2,4-Tetradecadien-8,10-diynoic acid 14:4-delta-2t,4t,8a,10a Anacyclic acid; Anacyclic acid C14H16O2 216.3 M_034
Dodecanoic acid, 12 hydroxy Dodecanoic acid, 12-hydroxy- 12-OH-12:0 12-Hydroxydodecanoic acid 12-Hydroxylauric acid NSC 159293 NSC 664211 ω-Hydroxydodecanoic acid ω-Hydroxylauric acid; Sabinic acid C12 H24 O3 216.32 M_246
9 hydroxydodecanoic acid 9-Hydroxydodecanoic acid 9-OH-12:0 C12H24O3 216.36 M_527
Nonanoic acid, 9,9 dimethoxy Tree Nonanoic acid, 9,9-dimethoxy- C11H22O4 218.15 2
Tetradecan 7,9 diynoic acid Tetradecan-7,9-diynoic acid 14:2-delta-7a,9a C14H20O2 220.34 M_486
Tetradecatrienoic acid Tree Tetradecatrienoic acid 14:3 structure ambiguous C14H22O2 222.16 1 M_399
Tetradectrienoic acid Tree Tetradectrienoic acid 14:3 structure ambiguous: double bond positions and configuration not specified C14H22O2 222.16 3
Tetradecadienoic acid Tree Tetradecadienoic acid 14:2 structure ambiguous C14H24O2 224.18 9 M_400