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Northwest Institute of Botany of Chinese Academy of Sciences 1977 西北油脂植物 Oil Plants in the Northwest Shaanxi People’s Press. NWSUAF-Book2 8
ZHENG Lianhe; ZHAO Kuo; WANG Tao  2011 琼崖海棠籽油的理化性质及脂肪酸组成分析_郑联合 . Physicochemical properties and fatty acid composition of Calophyllum inophyllum seed oil China Oils and Fats 36(9) 60-63 NWSUAF573 8
Junpu Zhang, J. L., and Huaishan W. 1996 河南油脂植物 Oil Plants in Henan Book: China’s International Broadcasting Press. NWSUAF-Book5: ISBN 10: 7507802205 5
Jia Liangzhi; Zhou Jun 1987 中国油脂植物 Chinese Oil Plants Book: Chinese Oil Plants. Beijing: Science Press: Edited by Jia Liangzhi & Zhou Jun NWSUAF-Book1 6
Quanfen Zhu; Jiehua Tian; Chunhua Xia 1987 中国主要茶树(Camellia Sinensis O. ktze)品种茶籽油脂肪酸组成的研究_朱全芬(GC) . Study on Fatty Acid Composition of Seed Oil from Camellia Sinensis O. ktze in China China Oils and Fats (2) 31-37 NWSUAF919 5