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Junpu Zhang, J. L., and Huaishan W. 1996 河南油脂植物 Oil Plants in Henan Book: China’s International Broadcasting Press. NWSUAF-Book5: ISBN 10: 7507802205 9
Jia Liangzhi; Zhou Jun 1987 中国油脂植物 Chinese Oil Plants Book: Chinese Oil Plants. Beijing: Science Press: Edited by Jia Liangzhi & Zhou Jun NWSUAF-Book1 8
Zongying He, S. C., Zhonghui, T., Xun, Z., Longji, H. 1987 四川油脂植物 Oil Plants in Sichuan. Book: Published by Sichuan Science and Technology Press, Chengdu, 1987 NWSUAF-Book3 ISBN 10: 7536400438 5
ZHANG Zhengfang; BAI Xi LIU Ruiting; TANG Jun; WANG Qiang 2011 新疆伽师瓜籽油理化性质及脂肪酸组成分析_张正方 . Fatty acids composition and physicochemical properties of Jiashi melon seeds oil from Xinjiang China Oils and Fats 36(9) 63-65 NWSUAF794 8
Hang Yin; Wenqin Lu 2007 气相色谱法同时测量瓜萎仁中五种主要脂肪酸含量 . Determination of Five Main Fatty Acids in Trichosanthes kirilowii Maxim. by Gas Chromatography GUIZHOU MEDICAL JOURNAL 31(3) 266-267 10.3969/j.issn.1000-744X.2007.03.041 NWSUAF545 3
Yunhe He; Zuolong Ding 1993 陕西卫矛属植物种子油脂分析_何云核 . Analysis on Seed Oil of Euonymus alatus (Thunb.) Siebold Genus Plant in Shaanxi Province Journal of Anhui Agricultural University 20(3) 200-203 NWSUAF633 10
Bihua Li; Pichan Sun; Shangjun Xing 1989 山东月见草调查研究 GC . Investigation of Oenothera biennis L. in Shandong Province Journal of Shandong Forestry Science and Technology (2) 64-67 NWSUAF619 11