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Abstract An unusual fatty acid was iso1ated from seed-oil of Picea jozoensis Carr. by the combined method of urea adducts formation and column chro- matography. On the basis of data obtained from GC. UV. MS. NMR. and IR,this particular fatty acid was elucidated as cis-5, 9, 12-octadecetrienoic acid.Besides, from a number of analytical results, among the fatty acids iso-lated from seed-oils of 12 species of 4 genus, Pinaceae, indigenous to northea-stern region of China, the above said particular unsaturated fatty acid being present in each case.

Authors: Guo Yu; Wang Hong-dou; Wang Ya-je and Li Xia-bing

Journal: Acta Botanica Yunnanica

Year: 1981

Volume: 3(4)

Page: 467-469


Genus Species Data Points
Citrus maxima 6