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Abstract The aim was to determine the optimal parameters in extraction of seed oil from Euphorbia Lathyris L. and analyze its fatty acid composition. The extraction efficiency of three extraction methods, including Soxhlet extraction, ultrasonic extraction and aqueous enzymatic extraction were compared. Based on the single factor experiment, four factors were screened and optimized by using Plackett- Burman (PB) design. Central Composite Design was applied to optimize the selected factors using the seed oil as the response value. The results showed that the average extraction efficiency were 41.97% , 36.38% and 34.33% , respectively. The effect of extraction solvent, ratio of liquid to dry material, temperature and time on the extraction efficiency of the seed oil were the most obvious. The optimal conditions of extraction were obtained as follows: extraction solvent as petroleum ether, ratio of liquid to material at 30:1, extraction temperature at 90℃, extraction time of 9 h. Finally, the fatty acids were analyzed by gas hromatography-mass spectrometry (GS/MS). A total of 8 kinds of fatty acid were identified, accounting for more than 99% of the total fatty acids. Unsaturated fatty acid included oleic acid, linoleic acid, linolenic acid, a-andarachidonic acid, and their content reached more than 90% of total fatty acids. Under these conditions the predictive maximum yield of seed oil of Euphorbia Lathyris L was 54.353% , the actual yield was 54.175% , the relative error was 0.120% . The experiment provided a reference for the extraction of oil from the seed of Euphorbia Lathyris L, and laid a foundation for future research and development of the plant.

Authors: Tian Qin; Niu wei; Lu Rong; Sun Nan; Shan Lu; Ji Peishuang; Zhang Lizhen; Niu Yu

Journal: Chinese Agricultural Science Bulletin

Year: 2014

Volume: 30(29)

Page: 133-141


URL: http://en.cnki.com.cn/Article_en/CJFDTotal-ZNTB201429021.htm

DOI: 10.11924/j.issn.1000-6850.2014-0363

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Euphorbia lathyris 8