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Abstract The nutritional components and feeding value of Wuhe wild Glycine soja were studied through a field experiment and analysis test.The nutritional value of Wuhe wild G.soja is rich;The contents of protein,fat,crude fiber,total sugar,calcium,magnesium,total falconoid,total free amino acids were 38.92%,16.94%,4.1%,10.14%,0.357%,0.059%,0.13%,960.2 mg/100 g crude protein,Zn and Cu contents were 37.3 mg/kg,41.4 mg/kg,respectively.Protein and fat contents of Wuhe wild G.soja were close to that of common soybean.Among 13 fatty acids,contents of linoleic acid and oleic acid were quite high,and close to that of soybean and the linolenic acid content was higher than that of soybean.Of 17 amino acids,tyrosine,aspartic and glutamic acid contents were plentiful,but phenylalanine,methionine and tryptophan were the limiting amino acid components.Wuhe wild G.soja had good feeding value,and it can be developed as good-quality protein feed.

Authors: LI Meng-liang; ZHENG Lin

Journal: Acta Prataculturae Sinica

Year: 2011

Volume: 20(4)

Page: 137-142


URL: http://en.cnki.com.cn/Article_en/CJFDTOTAL-CYXB201104018.htm

Genus Species Data Points
Schisandra chinensis 7