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Abstract In order to know differences of kernel oil content and its fatty acid composition in Xanthoceras sorbifolia individuals,the indexes among various individuals and seeds at different maturity were determined and analyzed in 2011,taking artificial X.sorbifolia population in Gansu Province as materials.The results show that there are small variations of kernel oil content in different individuals of X.sorbifolia population,and variation coefficient is 6.13% only,so it is relatively stable.The mean content of kernel oil is 59.86%,the oil content is increased with seed maturity rising,and the mean contents of kernel oil in mature,near mature and immature seeds are 61.44%,59.05% and 55.60%,respectively.Five fatty acid components are detected out from kernel oil,they are palmitic acid,stearic acid,oleic acid,linoleic acid and linolenic acid,respectively.Among them,the content of linoleic acid is the highest(52.78%),then the content of oleic acid(33.17%),whereas the contents of palmitic acid(7.22%),stearic acid(4.94%) and linolenic acid(1.88%) are small.The order of fatty acid components among different individuals in X.sorbifolia population based variation coefficient from high to low is linolenic acid(42.47%),stearic acid(34.41%),palmitic acid(12.67%),oleic acid(9.51%),linoleic acid(6.16%),which indicates that the contents of oleic acid and linoleic acid are not only high,but also stable.There are no significant correlation between the kernel oil and fatty acid contents and the main fruit character indexes,also no significant correlation between kernel oil content and fatty acid content,but extremely significant negative correlation between oleic acid content and linoleic acid content(P0.01) and significant negative correlation between stearic acid content and linolenic acid content(P0.05).

Authors: CHAI Chun-shan; QI Jian-li; CAI Guo-jun; WANG Zi-ting; WANG San-ying; XUE Rui; LU Juan

Journal: Nonwood Forest Research

Year: 2013

Volume: 31(2)

Page: 100-103


URL: http://en.cnki.com.cn/Article_en/CJFDTOTAL-JLYJ201302020.htm

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Xanthoceras sorbifolium 5