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Abstract The fat content and fatty acid composition of the seeds of 13 wild Camellia chekiangoleosa Hu in Qingyuan were analyzed in the paper. The results showed that the fat content ranged from 54.4% to 66.1%, and the average value was 61.1%. There were 8 kinds of fatty acids in the oil, including palmitic acid(C16:0), palmitoleic acid(C16:1), stearic acid(C18:0), oleic acid(C18:1), linoleic acid(C18:2), linolenic acid(C18:3), arachidic acid(C20:0), and cis-11-Eis-cosenoic acid(C20:1), but erucic acid which was harmful to human was not contained. The content of oleic acid was the highest(81.8%-87.2%), followed by palmitic acid(6.6%-9.4%), stearic acid(2.2%-4.3%), linoleic acid(0.5%-6.1%), and cis-11-Eis-cosenoic acid(0.4%~1.1%, none was detected in 2 plants); the content of other acids was little. Oleic acid was negatively correlated to palmitic acid, and significantly negatively correlated to linoleic acid; linoleic acid was negatively correlated to stearic acid, and there were no obvious correlation among other components.

Authors: HU Qing-su; WU Ying-qi; WU Cong-lian; YAO Li-wu; YANG Long; LAI Jun-sheng 

Journal: Hunan Agricultural Sciences

Year: 2015

Volume: (8)

Page: 96-98


URL: http://www.en.cnki.com.cn/Article_en/CJFDTotal-HNNK201508031.htm

DOI: 10.16498/j.cnki.hnnykx.2015.08.030

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Camellia reticulata 8