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Abstract Objective:To study the optimum conditions of solvent extraction of Decaisnea Insignis seed oil(DIO),physicochemical property of DIO,compositions of fatty acid.Method:Response surface methodology(RSM)was used to establish the mathematical model of solvent extraction extraction of DIO to obtain the optimum conditions.Fatty acid compositions and contents of DIO were tested by gas chromatography mass spectrometry(GC-MS).Results:The optimum conditions obtained through RSM analysis were as follows:extraction temperature was 77℃,extraction time was 8h and material to solvent ratio was 1:20.The average yield of DIO was 28.14%.The relative content of monounsaturated fatty acid in DIO was 75.44%,where palmitoleic acid was 59.75%.9-oleic acid was 14.81%,8-oleic acid was 0.88%.Conclusion:These results suggested that DIO quality form solvent extraction was well.Monounsaturated fatty acid especially palmitoleic acid content of DIO was high.DIO could be used as a good source of palmitoleic acid.

Authors: SUN Xiang-yu; DUAN Ai-li; GAO Gui-tian; YAN Bo; LIU Ji-rui; MA Wen-juan

Journal: Science and Technology of Food Industry

Year: 2012

Volume: 33(15)

Page: 236-241


URL: http://en.cnki.com.cn/article_en/cjfdtotal-spkj201215050.htm

Genus Species Data Points
Decaisnea insignis 13