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Abstract Moringa oleifear seed oil was extracted by supercritical fluid-CO2(SCF-CO2) and its constituents were analyzed by GC-MS.The effects of extraction time,pressure,temperature,CO2 flow rate and separate temperature on the oil yield were studied and the optimal conditions were determined by orthogonal experiments.The optimal conditions were as follows:extraction time 180 min,extraction pressure 20 MPa,CO2 flow rate 20 kg/h,extraction temperature 35℃,separate temperature 40℃.At the conditions,the oil yield was 36.3% and the oil yield efficiency was 97%.GC-MS analysis revealed that the main constituent of the oil was fatty acid amounted to 92%,among which oleic acid was 65.63%.In addition,the oil contained 1%-3% saturated hydrocarbons,1.76% carbonyls and ether,2.85% ester,and 1.95% campesterol,β-sitosterol and fucosterol.This study showed that Moringa oleifear seed oil was rich in functional components such as oleic acid and sterol.

Authors: DUAN Qiongfen; LIU Fei LUO; Jinyue MA; Liyi; WANG Youqiong; ZHANG Zhongquan; ZHAO Hong


Year: 2010

Volume: 35(2)

Page: 76-79


URL: http://en.cnki.com.cn/Article_en/CJFDTOTAL-ZYZZ201002022.htm

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