Exploring Phylogenetic Relationships between Hundreds of Plant Fatty Acids Synthesized by Thousands of Plants. more details ...
Abstract The components of fatty acids in mustard seed was analyzed by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. The results show that mustard seed contains abundant saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, and ethyl ester of mentioned acids. These results provide some help for its comprehensive utilization.

Authors: Q Liu; LI Zhan; M Xie; Y Zhu

Journal: Journal of Instrumental Analysis

Year: 2001

Volume: 20(3)

Page: 49-50


URL: http://en.cnki.com.cn/article_en/cjfdtotal-test200103013.htm

DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1004-4957.2001.03.014

Genus Species Data Points
Sinapis alba 16