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Abstract 118 Jizhaomian walnut samples from 3 main producing areas in Shandong Province were used to test protein content,fat content,amino acid contents and fatty acid composition.Results:The average protein content is 17.19 g/100 g(ranging from 13.31 to 21.72 g/100 g),with variation coefficient of 8.82%;the average fat content is 62.87 g/100 g(54.18 to 68.32 g/100 g),variation coefficient 4.59%.The kernels contain 17 kinds of amino acid total 18.73 g/100 g,including seven essential amino acids total 5.49 g/100 g,accounting for 29.16% of the total amino acid content.The kernels contain mainly palmitic acid,stearic acid,oleic acid,linoleic acid,and α-linolenic acid.The total unsaturated fatty acids account for 90.98% of the total fatty acids,and 69.47% of the unsaturated fatty acids are linoleic acid.

Authors: Shi Yan; Zhao Dengchao; Hou Liqun

Journal: Journal of the Chinese Cereals and Oils Association

Year: 2011

Volume: 26(2)

Page: 59-62


URL: http://en.cnki.com.cn/Article_en/CJFDTOTAL-ZLYX201102016.htm

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