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Abstract The physical characteristics and chemical macro components of Tephrosia vogelii Hook f.seeds were analyzed.The constitutes of fatty acid and glyceride in oil were determined by gas chromatography-mass spectroscopy(GC-MS)and the technology of liquid chromatography-mass equipped with selective detector of electrospray ionization anionic trap(LC-MSD-Trap-XCT).The nutritional evaluation about oil was evaluated.The result showed that the size of seeds was 4.63 mm×4.01 mm×1.92 mm,1 000-grain weight 1.52 g,soil bulk density was 659.8 g/L,the angle of automatic flow was 25.89°,the angle of repose was 23.15°,mass fraction of water and volatile matter was 9.89%,crude fat was 13.47%,crude protein was 38.73%,carbohydrate was 33.21%(soluble sugar 10.54%,starch 10.76%,crude fiber 11.91%),ash 4.84%.Acid value,peroxide value,saponification value,iodine value,density and refraction coefficient of oil of Tephrosia vogelii Hook f.seeds were 2.7 mg/g,1.17 mmol/kg,188 mg/g,1.18 g/g,0.859 9 g/mL,1.464 8,respectively.Fatty acid ingredients were as following(w/%): Tetradecanoic acid was 0.15%,pentadecanoic acid 0.031%,hexdecanoic acid(palmitic acid) 18.68%,hexadecenoic acid 0.023%,heptanoic acid 0.12%,stearic acid 6.46%,oleic acid 19.26%,linoleic acid 38.76%,linolenic acid 8.38%,eicosanoic acid 1.90%,eicosenoic acid 0.52%,heneicosanoic acid 0.12%,docosanoic acid 4.09%,tricosanoic acid 0.16%,tetracosanoic acid 1.35%,furthermore,amount of unsaturated fatty acid was 66.94%.Monoglyceride esters of fatty acid content were 0.11%.diglyceride of fatty acid 0.180%,triglyceride of fatty acid 99.687% in dried oil.Tephrosia vogelii Hook f.seeds whose indexes were all accorded with Chinese and other countries'edible soybean oil standard(GB/T1535-2003,Codex-Stan 210) contained high amount of fat and protein and were rich with human essential linoleic acid and linolenic acid.

Authors: YU Xin; YAN Zhuoqin; LI Xiaohua; HUANG Xuelian; ZENG Xiaofang

Journal: Acta Scientiarum Naturalium Universitatis Sunyatseni

Year: 2009

Volume: 48(1)

Page: 37-41


URL: http://en.cnki.com.cn/Article_en/CJFDTOTAL-ZSDZ200901011.htm

DOI: 10.3321/j.issn:0529-6579.2009.01.008

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