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Abstract OBJECTIVE To research the components and antitumor activity against human tumor cell lines of fatty oil of Annona squamosa seed. METHODS GC was used to analyze the components of fatty oil. Investigation antitumor activity of the fatty oil against human liver cancer (SMMC-7721 and HepG2), human uterine cervix cancer (Hela), human lung cancer (A549) and human breast cancer (MCF-7) cell lines by MTT method. RESULTS The major chemical constituents of the fatty oil are fatty acid (80.9%) and the content of unsaturated fatty acid are 51.1%. The IC50 of the fatty oil against diverse human cancer cell lines was 10.4 μgomL-1, 0.57 μgomL-1, 30.3 μgomL-1, 44.3 μgomL-1 and 6.7 μgomL-1 respectively. CONCLUSION The main components of the fatty oil of Annona squamosa seed were methyl palmitate, methyl stearate, methyl oleate and methyl linoleicacid. It showed high selectivity toward the HepG2 cell line.

Authors: CHEN Yon;  CHEN Jianwei; WANG Yu; XU Shasha; QIU Hailong; LI Xiang

Journal: Chinese Journal of Experimental Traditional Medical Formulae

Year: 2014

Volume: 20(21)

Page: 109-111


URL: http://www.cnki.com.cn/Article/CJFDTotal-ZSFX201421033.htm