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Abstract By analyzing change of peroxide value of Cephalotaxus sinensis seed oil,the antioxidant property of Cephalotaxus sinensis seed oil was investigated by adding Cephalotaxus sinensis seed oil into walnut oil,soybean oil and peanut oil,respectively,and compared with vitamin E in the walnut oil.Besides,the fatty acid compositions and fat—soluble vitamins of Cephalotaxus sinensis seed oil were analyzed by gas chromatography(GC)method and High—performance liquid chromatography (HPLC).The results indicated that the oil yield of Cephalotaxus sinensis seed was 31.45%,which was higher than those of soybean and other oil crops.The antioxidant capacities of the three tested ed— ible vegetable oil were improved with the increase of Cephalotaxus sinensis seed oil.Changes of the peroxide value seed oil were not found in the Cephalotaxus sinensis in the sixteen days.Besides,the antioxidant capacity of Cephalotaxus sinensis seed oil was better than vitamin E in the walnut oil.In addition,the GC results showed that the fatty acids of Cephalotaxus sinensis seed oil were mainly composed of palmitic acid(24.31%),stearic acid(12.74%),heptadecanoic acid(8.18%),pentade-canoic acid(7.69%),etc.HPLC results showed that the content of vitamin E in the CephnlotnzMs sinensis seed oil was 9.73 mg/kg,vitamin A 0.63 mg/kg.It was concluded that Cephalotaxus sinen一sisn oil is a good source for natural antioxidants and worth development and utilization in the future.

Authors: LIU Xiaojiao;  LI Bin; HE Hongju; FAN Mingtao

Journal: Acta Agriculturae Boreali-occidentalis Sinica

Year: 2016

Volume: 25(3)

Page: 429-434


URL: http://www.cnki.net/kcms/detail/61.1220.s.20160306.1611.030.htm

DOI: 10.7606/jissn.1004-1389.2016.03.015

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