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Abstract GC-MS,AAS and HPLC were selected to analyze the content of general component(crude fat,crude protein,ash,moisture,total sugar,toal dietary fiber),amino acids,trace elements,fatty acids and amygdalin in the Amygdalus pedunculata Pall.seeds,which came from four regions:Shenmu,Shaanxi;Baotou,Inner Mongolia;Alashan Inner Mongolia and Chengde,Hebei.The results showed that the content of the seeds from different areas had some difference,but there were some similarities as follows:The seeds were rich in crude fat(416-478g/kg)and crude protein(206-286g/kg);The amino acids in the seeds were abundant and complete in varity;All the seeds contained 9mineral elements(K,Mg,Ca,P,Na,Fe,Zn,etc.)that were necessary for the human health;Elements like Pb,Cd,Hg,As were not found;The content of unsaturated fatty acid,most of which were oleic acid and linoleic acid,in the seed oil was over 96.8%;The content of amygdalin was 3%.The results showed that the A.pedunculata Pall.seeds can be used toproduce edible oil,protein and amygdalin.That is to say,it had great economic value and it was fit to plant in the desert north of our country.

Authors: HOU Guofeng; LI Cong; CHEN Bang; SHEN Yehua; QIAN Zhenjie; ZHANG Yinglong

Journal: Acta Botanica Boreali-Occidentalia Sinica

Year: 2014

Volume: 34(9)

Page: 1843-1848


URL: http://en.cnki.com.cn/Article_en/CJFDTOTAL-DNYX201409021.htm

DOI: 10.7606/j.issn.1000-4025.2014.09.1843

Genus Species Data Points
Amygdalus pedunculata 9