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Abstract Six species of genus Sapindus have been previously investigated (viz. S. drummondii, S. utilis, S. mukorossi, S. emarginatus, S. saponaria, and S. trifoliatus) for their cyanolipid content and all were found to contain only one type of cyanolipid, i.e. fatty acid diester of 1-cyano-2-hydroxymethylprop-1-ene-3-ol in varying proportions (13-32%). S. obovatus seed kernel oil (16%) has now been investigated and the oil is also found to contain the same type of cyanolipid (20%). Heliotropium species (H. indicum and H. eichwaldi) belonging to Boraginaceae family were found to contain canolipid (II). These seed oils were reinvestigated by us but the cyanolipids were not detected in these seed oils. Dodonea viscosa seed oil was reported to contain cyanolipid (II). which was reinvestigated by us for its cyanolipid content but cyanolipds were not detected in this seed oil.

Authors: Rawat, Sarita; Nigam, Geeta; Srivastava, V.K.; Hasan, Syed Nafeesul; Hasan, S.Q.

Journal: Journal of the Oil Technologists' Association of India

Year: 2002

Volume: 34

Page: 69-71


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