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Abstract Chemical investigation of Anisothecium spirale (Mitt.) Broth. (Family Dicranaceae), an epiphytic moss from Darjeeling district hill region of the Eastern Himalayas was performed for the first time. Analysis of neutral lipid and phospholipid classes as well as their respective fatty acids revealed the presence of a significantly high content of octadeca-6-yn-9,12,15-trienoic acid, an acetylenic fatty acid commonly known as dicranin. Dicranin and a less abundant acetylenic fatty acid were detected in neutral lipids. The unique nature of the fatty acid signature supports the view of considering dicranin as chemotaxonomic marker for Dicranaceae members.

Authors: Mitra, Souvik

Journal: Lipids

Year: 2017

Volume: 52

Page: 173-178


DOI: 10.1007/s11745-017-4231-8

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