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Abstract The seeds of Silene compacta Fische were investigated for their protein, tannin content and fatty acid composition. The protein contents of Silene seeds were found to be 15,33%. On the other hand the tannin contents of the same seeds were also found to be 1,9%. The fatty acid compositions of these Silene compacta Fische were determined by GC (Schimadzu GC, 17 Ver.3) of the methyl esters of its fatty acids. The seed oils of Silene compacta Fische contained palmitic and stearic acids as the major component of fatty acids, among the saturated acids, with small amounts of myristic, palmitoleic, stearic acids and margaric acids. The major unsaturated fatty acids found in the seed oils were oleic, linoleic and linolenic acids. In this study, total proportion of saturated fatty acids of S. compacta Fische was found 25,6% while total proportion of unsaturated fatty acids was found 74,4%.

Authors: BAKOĞLU, Adlil; KÖKTEN, Kağan; KAVURMACI, Zühal

Journal: Türk Tarım ve Doğa Bilimleri Dergisi

Year: 2014

Volume: 1

Page: 441-444


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