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Abstract Fatty acids composition of seed oil of Salvia viridis, S. hydrangea, S. blepharochleana, S. chianantha, S. staminea, S. hypergeia,, S. cilicica, S. caespitosa, S. sclarea, S. cadmica, S. microstegia, S. pachystachys and S. verticillata were analyzed by GC/MS. The main compound were found to be as linoleic acid (18:2; 12.8 % to 52.2 %), linolenic acid (18:3; 3.2 % to 47.7 %), oleic acid (18:1; 11.3 % to 25.6 %), palmitic acid (16:0; 0.7 % to 16.8 %) and stearic acid (18:0; 1.8 % to 4.8 %). A phylogenetic tree of species of Salvia were reported and compared to 18:3/18:2 ratio of the seed oils. Fatty acid composition of Salvia seed oils could be used as a chemotaxonomical marker.

Authors: Kılıç, Turgut; Dirmenci, Tuncay; Gören, Ahmet C.

Journal: ACG publications

Year: 2007

Volume: 1

Page: 17-23


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