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Abstract Oils were extracted from seeds of Carapa grandiflora Sprague (Meliaceae), Carapa procera DC. (Meliaceae), Cardiospermum halicacabum Linn Sapindaceae), Maesopsis eminii Engler (Rhamnaceae), Millettia dura Dunn (Fabaceae), Myrianthus arboreus P. Beauv. (Cecropiaceae), Myrianthus holstii Engl. (Cecropiaceae), Pentaclethra macrophylla Benth (Mimosaceae), Podocarpus usambarensis Pilger (Podocarpaceae), Tephrosia vogelii Hook. (Fabaceae) and Treculia africana Decne (Moraceae) collected from a forest in Kahuzi-Biega National Park and the surrounding areas in Democratic Republic of Congo. Fatty acids in the oils were determined by gas chromatography to detect potential sources of various quality oils. Twenty-four fatty acids were detected in the seed oils and the most abundant were palmitic (16:0), stearic (18:0), oleic (18:1n9), linoleic (18:2n6) and α-linolenic (18:3n3) acids. Four fatty acids with trans double bonds and two fatty acids with non-methylene separated double bonds were detected in oils from C. halicacabum, M. dura and T. vogelii. There were emarkable occurrences of very long chain fatty acids, particularly lignoceric and behenic acids. M. eminii, P. usambarensis, T. vogelii and M. dura seed oils have potential for use in foods because of the contents of essential fatty acids. The oils from C. grandiflora, C. procera, M. arboreus, M. holstii and P. usambarensis showed a high potential for use in the cosmetic industry due to their fatty acids profile and high unsaponifiable matter content. See also: Kazadi M, Kaaya AN, Kansiime F, Tabuti J, Bashwira S (2011). Oil content and physicochemical characteristics of some wild oilseed plants from Kivu region Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Afr. J. Biotechnol., 10(2): 189-195.

Authors: Minzangi, K.; Kaaya, A. N.; Kansiime, F.; Tabuti, J. R. S.; Samvura, B.; Grahl-Nielsen, O.

Journal: African J. Food Sci.

Year: 2011

Volume: 5

Page: 219-226


URL: http://www.academicjournals.org/article/article1379587149_Minzangi%20et%20al.pdf

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