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Abstract An unusual series of monoenoic fatty acids constitutes about 85% of the total acids in seed oil fromThunbergia alata. The major component in the oil,cis-6-hexadecenoic acid (82%), is accompanied by the homologous 4-tetradecenoic (ca. 0.2%) and 8-octadecenoic (1.8%) acids. Another homologous series is represented by 5-tetradecenoic (ca. 0.2%), 7-hexadecenoic (1.8%) and the familiar 9-octadecenoic (4.4%) acids. Traces (<0.1%) of three other acids, 6-tetradecenoic and 10- and 11-octadecenoic, are also present along with palmitic (5.8%), stearic (0.6%) and linoleic (2.2%) acids. Some of the monoenoic acids have not previously been known to occur in seed oils.

Authors: Spencer, G. F.; Kleiman, R.; Miller, R. W.; Earle, F. R.

Journal: Lipids

Year: 1971

Volume: 6

Page: 712-714


DOI: 10.1007/BF02531295

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