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Abstract Stearidonic acid (18:4-omega-3), which is reported to be of rare occurrence in the plant kingdom and which is of considerable dietary and pharmaceutical interest has been found in three closely related Primula species. It occurs, together with gamma-linolenic acid (3-4% of the seed oil total fatty acids), in significant percentages in Primula florindae (11%), P. sikkimensis (14%) and P. alpicola (14%). 18:4-omega-3 may also be of chemotaxonomic interest in the genus Primula, as high levels may be typical for section Sikkimensis. The only commercial plant source of stearidonic acid known so far is the seed oil of Ribes nigrum.

Authors: Aitzetmüller, K.; Werner, Gisela

Journal: Phytochemistry

Year: 1991,1

Volume: 30

Page: 4011-4013

UID: WOS:A1991GY73700034

DOI: 10.1016/0031-9422(91)83454-S

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Genus Species Data Points
Primula alpicola 41
Primula pulverulenta 18
Ribes nigrum 61