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Abstract Two samples of fruits of Borago pygmea (Boraginaceae) - the dwarf borage - have been investigated for their fatty acid composition by comparison with three samples of Borago officinalis fruits. The oil content of B. pygmea is lower thant that of B. officinalis (21 p. cent against 34.5 p. cent on an averrage). The oils of the Borago species do not contain any atypic compound such as cyclopropene, epoxide, ketone or cyanolipid. The fatty acid compositions which are close, could contribute to characterize the Borago genus. The presence of gamma-linolenic acid, confirmed by GC-MS of pyrrolidides derivatives, can be considered as a constant of the Borago oils : its content in B. pygmea is 25 to 28 p. cent with regard to the oil, against 18.5 to 24.8 p. cent in B. officinalis. These oils are also characterized by four minor fatty acids identified by their ECL, i.e. 18:4, 20:1, 22:1 and 24:1.

Authors: Ucciani, E.; Mallet, G.; Gamisans, J.

Journal: Revue Francaise Des Corps Gras

Year: 1992

Volume: 39

Page: 135-138

UID: WOS:A1992JG82900001

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Genus Species Data Points
Borago officinalis 51
Borago pygmaea 34