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Abstract Balanites roxburghii, Luffa aegyptiaca, Trigonella foenum-graecum, Albizia procera, And Pithecellobium saman seed oils were obtained at yields of 36.0, 25.0, 20.0, 5.5, and 22.0% and had I values of 95.0, 89.8, 168.5, 91.0, and 86.5, sapon. values of 208, 205, 202, 190, and 198, and unsaponifiable matter of 0.2, 1.8, 0.9, 2.5, and 1.5%, resp. Most of the oils had a relatively high level of oleic acid and octadecadienoic acid. T. foenum-graecum Oil had 30% octadecatrienoic acid.

Authors: Varshney, I. P.; Vyas, Pramond; Beg, M. F. A.

Journal: Journal of the Oil Technologists' Association of India (Mumbai, India)

Year: 1980

Volume: 12(1)

Page: 20-1

UID: CFTRI:12921