Exploring Phylogenetic Relationships between Hundreds of Plant Fatty Acids Synthesized by Thousands of Plants. more details ...
Abstract Within the research work on SRSA-antagonistic compounds for the fight against asthma, our team is engaged in the examination and prodnotion of unsaturated fatty acids of different number of carbon-atoms occuring in the vegetable kingdom, showing double linkage in position delta15. From the seed-oil of Aquilegia vulgaris we succeecled to produce trans-5,cis-9-octadecadien-acid and trans-5, cis-9,12-octadecatrien-acid. The results of the GC/MS rnass-spectrographical analysis of the component produced with column-chromatography have been confírmed by IR-, PMR-spectrometrical examinations. In the seed-oil of Delphinium consolida mnsB-spectrometrical examinations indicated the presence of 26% cis-5-eicosen-acid. From the seed-oil of Lappula squarrosa. PGF2alpha ·antagonistic cis-6,9,12,15-octadecatetraen-acid has been isolated.

Authors: Dabine Lengyel; E. et al.

Journal: Herba Hungarica

Year: 1982

Volume: 21

Page: 149

UID: PFA:10655