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Abstract The characteristics of seed oils from A. aspera, V, awabuki, A. lobatum, C. tinctoriaand T. albidum were investigated. Each oil was obtained by extraction from the dried seeds with ether, , followed by treating with n-hexane. The characteristics of seed oils (Table-1) and fatty acid compositions by GLC (Table-2) were investigated. In order to examine the glyceride compositions in seed oils, the purified triglycerides obtained by TLC were hydrolyzed into, β-monoglyceride by the action of pancreatic lipase. The β-monoglyceride separated by TLC was esterified into methyl ester with 0.2 N-sodium methoxide solu. to examine the composition of fatty acids in 2-position of triglyceride by GLC (Table-2). Triglcyeride compositions in seed oils were also calculated (Table-3)

Authors: Okada, Yasuji; Koyama, Yoshito

Journal: Journal of Japan Oil Chemists' Society

Year: 1969

Volume: 18

Page: 480-483

UID: None

DOI: 10.5650/jos1956.18.480

Genus Species Data Points
Aphananthe aspera 5
SOFA Table(s)