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Abstract The fatty acid composition of Biota orientalis seed oil consists of palmitic (5.1%), stearic (3.4%), oleic (15.3%), linoleic (25.6%), linolenic (34.7%), C20:3(11c,14c,17c) 4.9%, and C20:4(5c,11c,14c,17c) 10.5%. The unsaturated fatty esters derived from Biota oil were epoxidized and subsequently treated with NaI-PrI-DMSO. Chromatographic separation of the complex product mixture revealed the presence of C18-oxo, C18-furanoid, and C18-and C20-oxo-furanoid esters. Epoxidation of a pure sample of C20:4(5c,11c,14c,17c) followed by NaI-PrI-DMSO treatment gave a mixture of C20-dioxo-furanoid esters. The positions of the oxo and furanoid groups in the various derivatives were determined by GC/MS analysis. © 1988 AOCS Press.

Authors: Lie Ken Jie, M. S. F.; Lao, H. B.; Zheng, Y. F.

Journal: Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society

Year: 1988

Volume: 65

Page: 597-600

UID: None

URL: http://www.scopus.com/inward/record.url?eid=2-s2.0-51249172560&partnerID=40&md5=d1c9d514d101a95a3d1c310da8942c94

DOI: 10.1007/BF02540686

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Biota orientalis 1
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