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Abstract Oil extracted from the seeds of A. pavonina L. (sandal tree) is made up of 34% saturated and 66% unsaturated fatty acids, including 15% oleic and 45% linoleic acid (of total fatty acids) and 28.8% of long chain acids (C20 to C26), of which 18.3% is lignoceric (C24:0) and 3% cerotic (C26:0) acid. The oil contained only 0.55% of unsaponifiables and had an I value of 99.

Authors: Ngiefu, C. K.; Vieux, A.; Parquot, C.

Journal: Oleagineux

Year: 1975

Volume: 30

Page: 119-120

UID: FSTA:1975-10-N-0421

Genus Species Data Points
Adenanthera pavonina 14
SOFA Table(s)