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Abstract The seeds, after cleaning, were powdered and extracted with light petroleum (b.p. 40[degree]-60[degree]) or benzene in a Soxhlet app. With the benzene extract the yield of oil was 48% and of a deeper color than was the petroleum extract, which had a yield of 50%. The acid value, saponification value, and iodine value of these extracts were about the same in each case. The av. values were 32.7, 1935, and 63.4 respectively. The acids were separated into "solid" (36.65%) and "liquid" (63.35%) acids by means of the different solubility of their lead salts in alcohol. Each group of acids was then converted into the corresponding methyl esters and fractionally distilled under vacuum (0.5-1 mm.) from a Willstatter bulb. Each fraction was further purified by recrystallization, etc., and examined chemically, i.e., bromination and KMnO4 oxidation were carried out. Fully saturated glycerides of the fat were determined by the acetone-permanganate oxidation method. The component fatty acids of Buchanania latifolia seed fat were found to be: palmitic 29%, stearic 8%, oleic 57%, and linoleic 6% (by wt.). It contains 4.8% of fully saturated glycerides. || ABSTRACT AUTHORS: V. L. Koenig

Authors: Godbole, N. N.; Gunde, B. G.; Srivastava, P. D.

Journal: Jour Indian Chem Soc

Year: 1941

Volume: 18

Page: 557-562

UID: BCI:BCI19421600018972

Genus Species Data Points
Buchanania lanzan 5
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