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Abstract Seeds of Exocarpus sparteus and Exocarpus aphyllus (Santalaceae) contained 16.7% and 21.3% oil and 12.0% and 10.0% protein, respectively. Spectral, chromatographic and chemical analyses showed the presence of santalbic acid as the major fatty acid in the triacylglycerols of both E. sparteus (69.7%) and E. aphyllus (67.5%) seeds.

Authors: Sundarrao, K.; Jones, G. P.; Rivett, D. E.; Tucker, D. J.

Journal: Oleagineux

Year: 1992

Volume: 47

Page: 91-92

UID: WOS:A1992HL37600005

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Genus Species Data Points
Exocarpos aphyllus 9
Exocarpos sparteus 9
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