Exploring Phylogenetic Relationships between Hundreds of Plant Fatty Acids Synthesized by Thousands of Plants. more details ...
Abstract Oil and triglyceride contents and fatty acid composition were determined for seeds in nine taxa belonging to the genus Coincya (Brassicaceae) on the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal). The oil content ranges from 11.1 to 24.6%, triglycerides from 68.7 to 88.5%. The major fatty acids were erucic (24.6–30.5%), linolenic (17.7–27.7%), linoleic (13.9–24.6%) and oleic acid (12.3–21.8%). © 1993, The American Oil Chemists’ Society. All rights reserved.

Authors: Vioque, J.; Pastor, J. E.; Vioque, E.

Journal: Journal of the American Oil Chemists Society

Year: 1993

Volume: 70

Page: 1157-1158

UID: WOS:A1993MF29500018

URL: http://www.scopus.com/inward/record.url?eid=2-s2.0-0027695044&partnerID=40&md5=aaa017beba7ea48f46233eceab827f17

DOI: 10.1007/BF02632159