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Abstract Total and individual fatty acid contents were determined in raw tubers of four genotypes from each of the two species Solanum phureja and S. tuberosum. The four S. phureja genotypes contained statistically significantly higher concentrations of total fatty acids, with their average value being 37% greater than that for the mean of the four S. tuberosum cultivars. In both species, a total of 17 fatty acids were detected in quantifiable amounts, and in all genotypes the predominant fatty acid was linoleic followed by α-linolenic and palmitic acids. Unusually, 15-methyl hexadecanoate was present as a minor acid in both species. Although a number of statistically significant differences in the fatty acid percentage compositions were found between and within the two species, these were generally small. Averaged over all species and genotypes, tuber storage resulted in an initial small but statistically significant increase in total fatty acid content, but prolonged storage resulted in a fall to the initial values detected close to harvest. The same trend was evident for S. phureja alone (for mean values of all genotypes), but for S. tuberosum the total fatty acid content remained constant over the whole storage period. For both species, the contents (both as absolute levels and as percent compositions) of linoleic acid decreased and α-linolenic acid increased in tubers over the whole storage period, and possible mechanisms are discussed. Also, the absolute levels of these two acids were greater in S. phureja than in S. tuberosum, and this is discussed in relation to the development of flavor-related compounds during cooking. The polar lipids of one representative of S. tuberosum and of S. phureja were qualitatively similar. There were only minor differences in the polar lipid percentage compositions and in the corresponding fatty acid compositions of the individual polar lipids between the two species, although the absolute levels of the total, and of some individual, polar lipids were higher in S. phureja.

Authors: Dobson, G.; Griffiths, D. W.; Davies, H. V.; McNicol, J. W.

Journal: Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

Year: 2004

Volume: 52

Page: 6306-6314

UID: WOS:000224212000041

URL: http://www.scopus.com/inward/record.url?eid=2-s2.0-4744367387&partnerID=40&md5=62078519ae4532a2e98017fce432cd66

DOI: 10.1021/jf049692r

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Solanum phureja 17
Solanum tuberosum 17
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