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Abstract The oil of Salvia nilotica Jacq. (Labiatae) seed contains 0.6% α-hydroxyoleic, 4.2% α-hydroxylinoleic, and 5.4% α-hydroxylinolenic acids. The first two have not been found previously in seed oils. In addition to the common fatty acids, also identified were small amounts of three unsaturated C17 acids and one branched chain C17 acid. Methyl esters of the component fatty acids were fractionated by both column and thin-layer chromatography. These esters were identified by combination of gas chromatography, GC-mass spectrometry, ozonolysis-GC, infrared, and nuclear magnetic resonance. © 1975 American Oil Chemists' Society.

Authors: Bohannon, M. B.; Kleiman, R.

Journal: Lipids

Year: 1975

Volume: 10

Page: 703-706

UID: WOS:A1975AX33300009

URL: http://www.scopus.com/inward/record.url?eid=2-s2.0-0016774129&partnerID=40&md5=33bea74d4e3a0fde411ebcbf9e37ca35

DOI: 10.1007/BF02532764

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Salvia nilotica 32
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