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Abstract North American ginseng (Panax quinquefolium L.) oil was saponifed and the unsaponifiable matter trimethylsilylated. The phytosterol fraction of hexane-extracted, air-dried seed was quantified and identified by GC and GC-MS. Phytosterol contents (milligrams per 100 g of oil) were as follows: squalene (514-569), oxidosqualene (8.97-48.2), campesterol (9.96-12.4), stigmasterol (93.2-113), clerosterol (1.91-2.14), β-sitosterol (153-186), β-amyrin (11.7-19.5), Δ5-avenasterol (12.4-20.5), Δ5,24(25)-stigmasterol (3.70-4.76), lupeol (14.4-15.2), Δ7-sitosterol (12.5-14.6), Δ7-avenasterol (4.11-8.09), 24-methylenecycloartanol (1.94-4.76), and citrostadienol (2.50-3.81). Seed stratification lowered the phytosterol levels. Oven-drying gave mixed results, and phytosterols varied slightly between the 1999 and 2000 harvests.

Authors: Beveridge, T. H. J.; Li, T. S. C.; Drover, J. C. G.

Journal: Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

Year: 2002

Volume: 50

Page: 744-750

UID: WOS:000173783700016

URL: http://www.scopus.com/inward/record.url?eid=2-s2.0-0037070028&partnerID=40&md5=7e6a31a579b4bc73d4b1d8e157ac0ec5

DOI: 10.1021/jf010701v

Genus Species Data Points
Panax quinquefolius 4
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