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Abstract This revised edition of the well established textbook by Professor Hilditch, which leaves unaltered the general plan of its predecessors, now includes references to appropriate publications up to the end of 1954. Several chapters have been entirely re-written, noteworthy among which are those dealing with the nature of component glycerides; much new information was available here, permitting a critical appraisal of the methods used and the results obtained over the last 50 years. The chapter hitherto devoted to the general biochemistry of lipids now summarises the present state of our knowledge of the biosynthesis of lipids and the effect of dietary lipids on animal body lipids. Experimental techniques used to investigate the structure of lipids again form the subject of the last chapter. In addition to the comprehensive account of the methods, particularly ester-fractionation and low-temperature crystallization, so successfully used by Professor Hilditch and his associates, mention is made of urea complex formation as a means of separating groups of fatty acids, and of chromatography as a means of investigating the composition of small, quantities of mixed fatty acids. This new edition is a " must " for every worker in the field of lipids. It is well produced, the indexing is improved and the price is not unreasonable.-G. A. Garton.

Authors: Hilditch, T.

Journal: The chemical constitution of natural fats.

Year: 1956


Page: xix + 664 pp.-xix + 664 pp.

UID: CABI:19571402847

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