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Abstract Fatty acid composition of some mediterranean Apiaceae (Umbelliferae) seed oils, has been investigated. The method chosen involved glass capillary GC of FAME to get the total 18:1, then the FAME conversion into TMS adducts, followed by GC analysis to separate methyl oleate, methyl petroselinate and methyl cis-vaccenate. The results showed that petroselinic acid was in every case the most important component. Only one species, i.e. Seseli tortuosum L., does not seem to have been described previously. Petroselinic acid amounts found in Apiaceae seed oils were in good agreement with those of the litterature. Nevertheless the oil content in the seeds was always lower. Some sub-species and varieties of fennel have been investigated. Seeds, free from anethol, fenchone and other terpenes, exhibit 6-8 p. cent petroselinic acid. Hence fennel constitutes an interesting source of this fatty acid.

Authors: Ucciani, E.; Mallet, G.; Chevolleau, S.

Journal: Revue Francaise Des Corps Gras

Year: 1991

Volume: 38

Page: 109-115

UID: WOS:A1991FT53600006