Exploring Phylogenetic Relationships between Hundreds of Plant Fatty Acids Synthesized by Thousands of Plants. more details ...
Abstract This detailed textbook of fat analysis (vol. 16 of the series 'Grundlagen und Fortschritte in der Lebensmitteluntersuchung und Lebensmitteltechnologie') is divided into 2 sections: General methods (pp. 14-250); and Special fat analyses (pp. 251-324). Individual chapters are: Detn. of the fat content of raw materials and foods (pp. 14-23); Extraction of large quantities of fat for detailed investigation (pp. 23-25); Qualitative tests (pp. 25-31); Physical test methods (pp. 32-85); Chemical characteristics (pp. 85-97); Special methods for fat analysis (pp. 98-136); Detn. of the main constituents (pp. 136-157); Detn. of minor constituents, additives and contaminants (pp. 157-218); Testing for spoilage (pp. 218-251); Investigation and identification of vegetable fats (pp. 251-276); Investigation and identification of animal fats (pp. 276-285); Hydrogenated fats (pp. 285-289); Interesterified fats (pp. 289-292); Fractionated fats (pp. 292-293); Special fats for baking and deep-fat frying (pp. 293-303); Margarine (pp. 304-314); Mayonnaise and salad dressings (pp. 314-324); and Fats for use in animal feeds (pp. 324-325). Tables of values for various physicochemical properties of oils and fats are given in an appendix (pp. 325-333). An 8-page bibliography of books, a 24-page bibliography of journal references and a 9-page subject index are also included.

Authors: Pardun, H.

Journal: Book: Analyse der Nahrungsfette.

Year: 1976

Volume: 16

Page: 376pp.-376pp.

UID: ISBN:3489788141 9783489788140