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Abstract A study of the solvent extracted oil/fat from the above oilseeds, using the GLC method of analysis, showed that the predominant fatty acids are oleic (30.95%) and linoleic (36.32%) for P. macrophylla, and myristic (21.19%), palmitic (33.93%) and oleic (24.53%) for I. gabonensis. The seed of P. macrophylla contains 42-45% yellowish brown oil which contains .apprx. 85% unsaturated fatty acid, as against 68-75% creamy white fat and .apprx. 32% unsaturated fatty acid for I. gabonensis. The proximate physical and chemical characteristics of the oils compare favorably well with those of some of the more common vegetable oils. The high percentage content of the essential fatty acid, linoleic acid, makes the oil from P. macrophylla nutritionally very valuble.

Authors: Onwuka, N. D.; Peczak, R.; Babuchowski, A.

Journal: Rivista Italiana delle Sostanze Grasse

Year: 1984

Volume: 61

Page: 569-572

UID: BCI:BCI198580003157

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Genus Species Data Points
Irvingia gabonensis 11
Pentaclethra macrophylla 19
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