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Abstract Tucum (Astrocaryum vulgare Mart) palm pulp oil was fractionated by acetone crystallization to yield a solid fat (stearin) and a free flowing oil (olein). Yield of solid fat was 14.3% and that of oil 85.7%. As in whole tucum oil, the major fatty acids in the fractions were palmitic and oleic (O), with smaller amounts of stearic (S), linoleic and arachidic acids. Fractionation led to a randomization of palmitic and oleic acid in olein and stearin triglycerides. Relative to whole tucum oil there was an increase in the high m.p. triglycerides 3S and 2S:O and a lowering of S:2O in the stearin fraction, while in the olein there was a lowering of 3S and 2S:O and an increase in S:2O. Tabulated data show the fatty acid composition and characteristics, 2-monoglycerides and triglyceride composition of whole tucum oil, stearin and olein fractions. [From En summ.]

Authors: Oboh, F. O. J.; Oderinde, R.

Journal: Rivista Italiana delle Sostanze Grasse

Year: 1988

Volume: 65

Page: 209-211

UID: FSTA:1989-02-N-0002

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