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Abstract Lupin seed oil was investigated with a view to potential food use. Tabulated data from the literature show seed oil contents of 14-17% in Lupinus albus, 13-23% in L. mutabilis, with 56.6-60.6 and 56.2% oleic acid, and 16.5-23.4 and 27.7% linoleic acid resp. Analysis of the oil from L. albus var. Multolupa and 22 other species showed 50-60% oleic, 12-20% linoleic and <10% longer chain fatty acids (C20, C20:1, C22, C22:1) with <3% erucic (C22:1) acid. The unsaponifiable fraction resembled that of other edible oil, except for high phospholipid content.

Authors: Favini, G.; Domenichini, M.; Fedeli, E.

Journal: Rivista Italiana delle Sostanze Grasse

Year: 1980

Volume: 57

Page: 27-30

UID: FSTA:1980-10-N-0446

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Genus Species Data Points
Linum dolomiticum 12
Lupinus albus 13
Lupinus philadelphicus 13