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Abstract The comparative analysis of the seeds of bacury and bacurupary show, with respects to the fat content, differences in the quantitative composition of theirs fatty acids (palmitic 44,2:42,3, palmitoleic 13,2:1,0 stearic 2,3:4,6 oleic 37,8:39, 9 and linoleic acids 2,5:12,2; %:%, respectively), and the fact that tripalmitin is present in the fatty extracts of bacury seeds, in appreciably quantities (10%). These fats, especially from bacury seeds, can be recommended as alternative sources for industry.

Authors: Bentes, M. H. S.; Serruya, H.; Rocha Filho, G. N.; Godoy, R. L. O.; Cabral, J. A. S.; Maia, J. G. S.

Journal: Acta Amazonica

Year: 1986

Volume: 16-17

Page: 363-368

UID: BCI:BCI198886013772

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Platonia insignis 5
Rheedia acuminata 5
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