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Abstract Seed oils of Bauhinia monandra and B. purpurea were examined for their component acids by reversed-phase partition column chromatography. the following results (wt. %) were obtained for B. monandra: myristic 1.4, palmitic 15.1, stearic 9.4, arachidic 0.9, behenic 0.9, oleic 11.5, linoleic 60.8 and for B. purpurea: lauric 0.5, myristic 0.5, palmitic 18.5, stearic 17.8, arachidic 1.3, behenic 1.3, oleic 11.1, linoleic 49.0. Epoxy oleic acid reported to be present in the seed oil of B. purpurea was not detected in the sample investigated.

Authors: Badami, R. C.; Daulatab.Cd,

Journal: Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture

Year: 1969

Volume: 20

Page: 99-&

UID: WOS:A1969C809300008

DOI: 10.1002/jsfa.2740200208